Schneider Electric Senior VP discusses the power of allyship

Schneider Electric Senior VP discusses the power of allyship

 June 30, 2020

Tina Mylon, SVP of Talent and Diversity at Schneider Electric, has penned an article discussing how the power of allyship for the LGBT+ and black communities is key for greater equity and inclusion.

In her article, Tina acknowledges that the world has been experiencing a highly challenging time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the recent spate of racial injustices against black Americans. 

"I have been doing a lot of reflecting and learning and connecting to try to process it all and to help make an impact as an ally. As a person, I am distressed and saddened. As an Asian-American woman, I am concerned about the disproportionate impact the crises have on people of color and women. As a non-black person, I know I can’t fully understand the unique sufferings of black Americans throughout our history and certainly in the context of the recent racial incidents," Tina writes. "And as the global chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Schneider Electric, I know that companies, along with governments and non-profits, play a key role in driving change, building equity, and eliminating racism."

The importance of being an ally

Tina addresses the fight for greater equity and inclusion and explains that allyship is about being an informed advocate for a marginalized group of people.

"It starts by listening and learning and evolves to active support. June is Pride Month and a time to celebrate the contributions and champion the rights of the LGBT+ community. At Schneider, embracing each person’s difference and uniqueness is core to our DNA," she says.

Companies can do more to advance equity 

Tina sees the shift towards greater commitment and focus on purpose beyond shareholder interests. Even in the most capitalistic markets, there is growing agreement that “the rising tide lifts all boats” and that corporations need to address social, economic, and civic challenges more actively. 

"At Schneider Electric, our commitment to energy access to all starts with the reality that over 1 billion people live in energy poverty. Our CEO and Chairman, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, is on the Board of the U.N. Global Impact for responsible business action especially in the areas of sustainability and diversity and inclusion," Tina adds. "Our Diversity and Inclusion mission has evolved from ensuring equal opportunity for all our employees to ensuring equity for all, especially the most vulnerable and underserved in society."

Schneider Electric inclusive

Make an impact in the way that works for you

Tina states that we need to start by respecting that each of us will process and take action in our own unique way. For some, this means peacefully protesting or exercising our right to vote. For others, it means donating time and money. For still others, it is an opportunity to start dialogues and educate friends and children. For Tina, it is all of value. No judgment. Every action counts.

"I hope we can look back at 2020 and cherish that it was not canceled," Tina concludes. "I hope we acknowledge and reflect on the suffering and loss, but also on the advancements we make to build a more equitable and inclusive and kinder society."

Read Tina's full article to learn more about how everyone can be an ally and do more to help foster greater inclusion.

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