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Avons latest business report highlights beauty of doing good

Avon's latest business report highlights beauty of doing good

 July 07, 2020

Avon has released its latest Corporate Responsibility Report 'The Beauty of Doing Good', which highlights steps the company has taken towards improving people training, wellbeing, inclusivity and integrity across the whole organisation. 

Becoming the best beauty company for the world

"Avon is more than just a beauty brand: it is a movement connecting millions of women to each other and to a better life. This is the real value behind each sale made by our Representatives around the world, and beauty is the journey that gets us there," writes Avon CEO Angela Cretu in her introduction to the report. 

As a part of the Natura &Co family – a group of purpose-led businesses, committed to making a positive difference - Angela adds that Avon seeks to be the best beauty company for the world.

Its Corporate Responsibility Report reveals the many actions Avon has taken in pursuit of its purpose, and about its plans for the future.

Working for people and the planet

Avon's report covers three key pillars of its work: 'We Stand For Her', 'We Respect Nature', and 'We Treat People Well'. These three areas encapsulates its efforts to make a positive difference to both people and the planet.

'We Stand For Her' includes the opportunities the company has created for women; its Breast Cancer promise; and its Promise to Help End Violence Against Women and Girls. While 'We Respect Nature' includes the company's reduction of emissions and energy consumption, its sustainable packaging and animal welfare. Finally, 'We Treat People Well' focuses on the company's Diversity and Inclusion efforts, its ethical business practices and training and development.


Avon's Diversity and Inclusion initiatives 

The report explores how Avon is creating a welcoming, inclusive and supportive workplace culture, which ensures all associates feel valued and that their development is supported.

These strategies include surveys completed by all new associates so that Avon can review and improve its onboarding and induction process; its launch of “Inside Avon”, a new learning and communication platform for associates to improve business performance and deliver its growth strategy, “Open up Avon”; and the launch of its new Future Leaders programme, where participants receive leadership diagnostic sessions, as well as mentoring from senior leaders to identify and build on their strengths.

Avon's Diversity and Inclusion efforts create and maintain an inclusive culture of diverse associates, to reflect that of its Representatives and their customers worldwide.

This includes commitment to ensuring that there is no discrimination in its business, and and its continued support of the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business to tackle discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people throughout its organisation.

Join a company striving to make a positive difference

Avon is working hard to build a better future, both for its associates, the wider community, and the planet.

Find out more about the report and then search and apply for a job at Avon to make a positive difference through your career.


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