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Find out what it's like for women working at Arup

 June 01, 2016

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Ambitious women engineers are heading to Arup

Want to find out what it's like working for Arup as a women with impressive engineering skills?

So many women enjoy the nature of Arup's work, the exciting projects, thriving and progressive work culture, important values - and the opportunities they are invited to seize. Watch some of the discussions Arup women are having about their roles in the company.  

Tap into Arup's progressive thinking

Arup believes that the best solutions can only come about by continually listening, learning and challenging. That’s why Arup created "Thoughts" which is a place for experts, practitioners and enthusiasts to talk about the issues affecting the built environment now and in the future. 

Prepare for your interview at Arup

Access the Arup Publications section on their website for up-to-date thinking and resources relevant to their engineering and wider sectors.

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