Capgemini programme supported Nikki Sugdens return to work

Capgemini programme supported Nikki Sugden's return to work

 August 18, 2020

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Capgemini’s Relaunch Programme supports those who have taken a career break and seek to return to work.

Talented professionals are supported back into the business via a tailored six month programme that helps refreshes and update skills, as well as developing confidence.

For Capgemini, supporting a Returner into the business provides a fresh way of attracting experienced talent that may otherwise have felt challenged being away from the workforce for a period of time.

Nikki Sugden shares her experience of Capgemini's returner programme.

Attending Capgemini's Relaunch event

Nikki's maternity leave unexpectedly turned into an eleven year career break from Capgemini, where she immersed herself in full-time parenthood.

A friend recommended Capgemini's Relaunch programme and sent her the date of the next Relaunch event.

"I went along without any expectations but came away keen to join having found a role I was really interested in," she explains.

"The coaching we received at the event and the resources on the Relaunch website really helped with the interview."

Receiving coaching for return to work

As part of the Relaunch programme, for six months Nikki received regular coaching sessions covering work life balance, prioritizing, goal setting, and ways to describe your career and communicate your leadership to colleagues.

"I have been really grateful for this. It has made returning to work such a positive process - I am so glad I took the plunge!" says Nikki.

Capgemini actively supports career returners back into the workforce - read more here.

Enjoy a positive return to work with Capgemini UK

Capgemini creates a supportive environment for all of its employees, including those returning to work after a career break.

Learn more about Capgemini's Relaunch Programme and  research the wide range of jobs that the company recruits for. 


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