Loreen is truly aligned to her role and the GSK values

Loreen is truly aligned to her role and the GSK values

 August 25, 2020

When women thrive in their career and align with the values of the company they work for, they tend to be grateful for the opportunities they seized and the friendships they made along the way.

Where Women Work caught up with Loreen Bloodgood who works in Operations for Biopharmaceuticals in GSK’s Research & Development business unit.

GSK is a company that addresses some of the world's biggest health challenges to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

Agility and versatility are key for a successful career

Loreen is a very energetic and positive person and tries to bring these attributes to everything she does, both personally and professionally. She likes to believe that in her professional life, she has demonstrated agility and versatility as evidenced by the many different jobs she has held within GSK.

There are several facets to Loreen’s role. “I am a connector and conductor. I work with the head of our R&D Biopharm organization and his leadership team to support them in their efforts to deliver medicines of value to patients. This involves setting strategy, ensuring the right resources are available in terms of technology and people, and ensuring the right culture exists to deliver our strategy,” says Loreen.

“I consider learning to be one of the most important things I can do to develop as a human being,” explains Loreen. I read and talk to a lot of different people to get different perspectives. Being authentic and sharing my full self with everyone I meet is important to me. Along those lines, respect for people is a value I hold dearly, so I try to live my life with that as my North Star.”  

Drawing upon earlier skill development

GSK engaged employees

In many of the projects or assignments that Loreen undertakes, she finds herself drawing upon the many skills she has developed over the years. “My business improvement and operational excellence experiences has helped me when I’ve been confronted with processes that aren’t efficient or user friendly,” comments Loreen.

“As the external environment continues to change and become more complex, I find myself drawing upon my organizational development experiences to help understand how we need to change in order to align and position GSK so that we not only survive, but thrive,” says Loreen.

Influencing and building relationships

In her current Operations role, Loreen draws significantly upon influencing and building relationships. “In my current role, I do not necessarily have positional power, yet I must work through other people to get things done.  It’s important that I maintain positive relationships with people and that I take the time to build trust all the time and not only when I need something.”  

In her role, Loreen receives many requests and her natural tendency is to want to do everything at once and always say ‘yes’ - but she realizes this is not always practical. “One of our cultural pillars in GSK’s R&D is ‘Focus’ so I have learned a lot about prioritization, letting things go and having the fortitude to stick to the plan and activities that specifically support our strategic priorities,” reflects Loreen.

Committed to GSK’s mission

Being at the early stages of her new role, Loreen feels she is constantly learning. “Every day I feel like I gain a new piece of knowledge or meet a new person. I enjoy that my role requires me to work collaboratively with many people on a variety of teams. Being able to work with people who are also committed to GSKs mission of ‘helping people do more, feel better and live longer’ truly energizes and inspires me.”  

GSK’s culture sees its people very committed to patients. “There isn’t a problem we can’t solve, and we work collaboratively to get the work done,” says Loreen. “GSK has a set of values and expectations that set the tone for how we should all behave. Our values are transparency, respect, integrity and patient focus – and these values guide me in my daily work when I make decisions or when I engage with my colleagues.”

GSK has a consistent focus and expectation for development, accountability, courage, and teamwork. “Personally, ‘development’ is particularly important to me and has enabled me to excel. GSK has supported my development by providing me with many opportunities to acquire different skills and capabilities throughout my career. I have worked in technical roles and administrative roles. I have been a line leader and an individual contributor. I have worked in R&D, manufacturing, and human resources. All in all, I have held more than 14 different roles in my 25-year career with GSK,” outlines Loreen who is grateful for GSK’s considerable commitment to her development.

In addition, GSK’s expectation for ‘courage’ has inspired and emboldened Loreen to be vocal about her experience as a gay woman in the workplace. “It can be intimidating sharing my story but knowing it helps others and knowing that GSK is an ally, encourages me to continue my advocacy in this area. GSKs culture has allowed me to be my best and therefore perform at my best.”

Impressive GSK support for LGBTQ+ community


GSK's Loreen Bloodgood supports International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Loreen says that she has always felt part of GSK and that the company has always supported her community. “GSK was offering same sex benefits before it was more common to do so. When my wife and I became the first same sex couple married in Pennsylvania, there was nothing but support from GSK leaders and colleagues.”

GSKs continued leadership in supporting LGBTQ+ employees and communities is exemplified in its continued perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index and its placement in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers List.  

In addition to promoting and sponsoring Spectrum, GSK’s LGBTQ+ and ally employee resource group, GSK has numerous networks supporting its employees. “What is incredible about the GSK employee resource groups is that many programs are delivered in collaboration, so it is not uncommon to see Spectrum and Mosaic, our group for Black and African American employees, partner to deliver education sessions.

Loreen is inspired by the many ‘Let’s Listen’ sessions held at GSK that encourage better understanding about the experiences of Black colleagues. “I appreciate that we are having complex conversations at GSK about intersectional diversity and that we listen intently to identify how we can ensure as a company and people we are inclusive and diverse.”

Mentors, coaches and sponsors to help develop career

Loreen’s tenure with GSK has provided her with the opportunity to explore various roles across the company and stretch herself to develop new skills. 

Loreen has accessed the support of others for mentoring, coaching and sponsorship to help her develop her career. Plus, having met many people across different business units and departments, Loreen has an extensive network throughout GSK who can always provide support or assistance if she is faced with a challenging business problem. Additionally, Loreen is grateful that her longevity with GSK has led to many lasting friendships.

Aligning career with values, goals and interests

GSK has a strong focus on recruiting female talent and Loreen believes that women should endeavour to find roles that align well with their values, career goals and interests. “GSK is a wonderful place for women to grow a career while raising a family, should women choose to have a family. I have been supported by both women and men throughout my career when I was having a family with a fulfilling career.

“GSK is an innovative company with an inspiring mission, and we do incredible work every day getting products to our patients and consumers. Employee commitment to our values and expectations is paramount, therefore, we tend to look for job applicants who have demonstrated these behaviors throughout their career,” explains Loreen.  

Doing the best where you are

GSK LoreenBloodgood work from home

GSK's Loreen Bloodgood works from home during the coronavirus pandemic

A former manager once told Loreen to ‘grow where you are planted now’. “I was antsy to move up in my career and my manager was reminding me that focusing on and excelling in my current role would help open those next opportunities … and they did!”

Loreen believes it is important for women to 'own their career'. “If you want a new role or that next opportunity, you need to actively pursue it. Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen, make it happen,” advises Loreen. She also suggests that finding a mentor or coach to help women explore career aspirations is a worthwhile endeavor – and says that women should be very intentional in how they utilize their time, expertise and network. Always being fully prepared to meet with one’s mentors is also critical. Finally, Loreen believes women should ‘Know thyself’. “Never chase money or a title - chase your interests and passions. Don’t compromise your values in pursuit of your career goals because the dissonance will create stress and challenges,” warns Loreen.

Making time for important things in life

GSK family

Loreen Bloodgood (third from left) from GSK enjoys time with her family

Outside of work, Loreen enjoys sports. Since retiring from softball and ice hockey, Loreen has become an avid spectator of sports. Her oldest son, Blake, participates in football at the collegiate level and her other son, Lance, plays lacrosse in high school. 

Loreen volunteers where she can - serving as President of the Lacrosse Booster Club at the high school and serving as an Advisory Board Member to the Saint Joseph’s University ‘Master of Organizational Development and Leadership’ graduate program. 

Loreen and her wife, Alicia, enjoy travelling with their boys and friends. Plus, Loreen also dedicates her early mornings to exercising. “My time on the elliptical cross-trainer enables me to catch up on all the celebrity gossip in People Magazine,” laughs Loreen.

Consider a rewarding career with GSK

GSK offers many exciting and rewarding career paths across countries.

Research and explore the kinds of jobs that GSK recruits for – and move your career to a place where the talent of women is truly sought and valued.


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