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Arcadis showcases views of future infrastructure leaders

Arcadis showcases views of future infrastructure leaders

 August 27, 2020

Arcadis knows infrastructure is the backbone of economy and society. It enables businesses and communities to be connected, services to be provided, and quality of life to be improved. 

The UK government has signalled an intention to significantly increase investment in infrastructure, and accelerate construction programmes to drive economic recovery. 

In 10 years’ time, it is likely that one third of the workforce will be from Gen Z. 

“We have never had a better opportunity for transformational change,” states Arcadis.

Arcadis wanted to challenge conventional thinking and see what the future infrastructure leaders might do differently.

Arcadis asked its apprentices, graduates and junior consultants for their views and ideas – informed by their own experiences, perceptions, and research they have undertaken.

Asking Gen Z employees about infrastructure strategies

Arcadis published the views of its future leaders in a paper titled 'Realising the opportunity in infrastructure projects'.

Arcadis asked them: Why do projects go over-time and over-budget?

Arcadis's Gen Z cited the need for better project planning; more behavioural and people-based solutions; stronger leadership; open communication with clients and teams; a better setup of projects; and greater diversity and inclusion in project teams.

“Inaccurate forecasting at the planning stage causes projects to overrun on schedule and cost. Utilising actual time and cost benchmarks should help achieve a better reflection of reality. This should be coupled with honest and accurate reporting of risks, possibly through third-party review," explained Isabella Montgomery, a Trainee Consultant at Arcadis.

Leila Behzadi-Spencer, a Junior Consultant at Arcadis, added: “If there is a lack of strategic leadership on a project, it results in a lack of direction, poor resolution of programme level risks and issues, and teams that are not aligned around a clear vision with milestones, and are more likely to act around their respective siloes.”

Read the full paper here.

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