Schneider Electric VP: Womens empowerment in the new normal

Schneider Electric VP: Women's empowerment in the new normal

 September 08, 2020

Nadège Petit, Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric's Power Products Division, shares her experiences as a woman in leadership.

She discusses why now, in the ‘new normal’ created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to continue conversations about the empowerment of women in the workplace.

"As a proud and empowered female leader at Schneider Electric, I would like to put the spotlight on something that’s close to my heart: women empowerment," she says.

Promoting gender equality in the wake of COVID-19

Nadège highlights how the crisis created by COVID-19 has led to the emergence of effective women-leadership, where many women-led nations have done significantly better in flattening the curve and successfully containing the spread of the disease. For Nadège, this has created strong role models to inspire change and encourage women's participation in the workplace.

At a time when "the world is having to think on its feet", she believes that diversity is paramount to drive innovation and critical thinking.

"The challenges are clear; the success stories exist. What is needed is effective implementation of gender equity measures, which essentially means treating both genders in a way that is fair, and in accordance with the needs of each," she says.

Suggesting strategies to increase workplace diversity

Schneider Electric women

Nadège suggests a number of ways to increase workplace diversity: job creation, increased access to leadership roles, implementing equitable and inclusive policies such as rigorous pay equity framework, global family leave, and flexible work policies.

"Here at Schneider Electric, we strive to make all of this a reality," she adds.

Creating an inclusive culture at Schneider Electric

As examples of Schneider Electric's own commitment to diversity and inclusion, Nadège cites the company's support of the UN Women Empowerment principles and HeForShe, as well as its inclusion in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). 

"I have been extremely fortunate to have had so many opportunities to network and support wonderful women in the energy industry and to mentor numerous female talents individually, as well as in groups," she concludes.

"Echoing the commitment of Schneider Electric in letter and in spirit, it is my resolve to continue to create and sustain a transformative and inclusive culture within the organization and beyond, supporting the empowerment and leadership of women."

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Join impressive female leaders like Nadège at Schneider Electric

At Schneider Electric, diversity is an integral part of its history, culture, and identity. The company wants to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for the company.

For a workplace where differences are valued, find your perfect job at Schneider Electric.


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