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HCL shows solidarity for wellness via breast cancer awareness drive

HCL shows solidarity for wellness via breast cancer awareness drive

 October 05, 2020

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HCL joins hands with Estee Lauder to help drive breast cancer awareness and spread positive health awareness while embracing care and empathy for global communities.

HCL - Esteee Lauder - breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is the most commonly discussed and talked about illness among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year. In India alone, according to statistics by Cancer India, 2018 saw 1,62,468 new cases of breast cancer and 87,090 deaths.

Awareness, periodic screening, and support are critical factors in taking the right precautions and seeking timely help to stop breast cancer from claiming more lives.

HCL - Esteee Lauder - breast cancer awareness month

Forging breast cancer awareness  

Estee Lauder explains that "Around the world, we are experiencing challenging times living amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This is true for all of those impacted by the disease, especially the breast cancer community, which now faces increased risk and vulnerability. But these days have also brought a renewed sense of unity, hope and inclusivity, as we all join together. At The Estée Lauder Companies, it has only reaffirmed how crucial it is to support one another as well as medical research, all of those currently living with breast cancer, vulnerable groups who may face a disparity in access to healthcare, and the doctors, nurses and caretakers on the front lines. Though we know the world has changed, our Breast Cancer Campaign’s steadfast commitment to end breast cancer in our lifetime is stronger than ever. We continue to rally people everywhere, all inspired by our mission. It’s #TimeToEndBreastCancer."

Breast cancer

Informative HCL sessions and activities

HCL breast cancer awareness - Estee Lauder

In joining hands with Estée Lauder Companies, HCL helps raise the level of breast cancer awareness through their spreading wellness, inclusivity and unity in diversity via a range of informative HCL sessions and activities.

HCL breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer is the key

"Requesting family and friends to sign up for screening programs. Early detection is the key. Overcoming breast cancer takes immense courage, elevated thinking, and faith. Sending powerful vibrations to those in the recovery journeys," commented Abhishek Kalra, Senior Director, Retail & CPG at HCL.

"Every year, breast cancer is claiming so many valuable lives! With significant strides made in research we are continuing to understand the disease better. There are ways to lower one’s risk against breast cancer through awareness, early detection and mechanisms to control. Will you be visiting a Doctor for a screening? Can you take your friend/ family member for a mammogram test? Together we can defeat this deadly disease. Please spread the awareness. YOU can save a life!" urged Ramprasad Gopalakrishnan, Vice President, Retail & CPG at HCL.

Learn more about HCL commitments

HCL believes in positively developing their ecosystem - that includes both environment and community - to engage with diverse communities. This enables the company to collaboratively 'rebalance' resources for the future.

While governments globally are philanthropic, HCL believes that individuals and enterprises also have a huge social responsibility and need to forge positive agendas.

"I believe that education can be the single largest tool for large-scale high-impact transformation. Education empowers individuals and is vital to reap our demographic dividend. Inclusive education has the power to create leaders from across the cross-section of the society who would become change agents for the community at large and lead us into a brighter future." - Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL Technologies and Shiv Nadar Foundation

Learn more about working for HCL and getting ionvolved with their positive impact on society. 


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