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Diageos Danielle Robinson Ph.D. addresses diversity conference

Diageo's Danielle Robinson Ph.D. addresses diversity conference

 October 06, 2020

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Diversity and Inclusion continues to matter significantly throughout the globally challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining a strong focus on forging diversity, the Herald and GenAnalytics delivered a Diversity Conference in Scotland.

Director of Alcohol Policy and Corporate Reputation Management for Diageo in North America, Danielle Marlene Robinson Ph.D. (pictured above), addressed the conference.

New York-based Danielle is a passionate champion for diversity across society and said that while embracing diversity and inclusion was previously considered the “right thing to do”, companies and organisations must “really understand why they’re doing it.”

The importance of diversity

Diageo Scotland

Danielle (pictured above right) spoke about the importance of diversity with The Herald Scotland ahead of the conference.   

“It is a business imperative. In business today it is not just about selling products or services - it is about growing your bottom line and your business," she said.

"And people want to support the brands that support them. However, there are still companies that look at diversity and inclusion as a tick-box exercise and do it because it’s the right thing to do,” she pointed out. “It’s good that they recognise it but it’s really important that they do it the right way and support local communities - you can’t be located in a community and not support that community.”

Danielle has worked for Diageo for 15 years and has been responsible for developing and delivering inclusion and diversity strategies prior to taking up her current role.

“It [diversity] is about recognising our differences but also celebrating our similarities - it is about giving everyone a voice because diversity, inclusion, equity really do matter … people from different backgrounds with different beliefs will make your organisation stronger,” she said.

Diversity drives business performance

Diageo diversity conference in Soctland

The virtual conference focused on the notion that diversity drives business performance.

Discussions highlighted how diversity contributes to economic growth, helps to retain talent and build successful teams.

Addressing the fact that companies and organisations that embrace diversity perform better than those who do not - was central to the event. 

The event reinforced that diverse companies are more profitable, can attract and retain top talent, and can better understand and reflect their customer base and the people they serve.

Learn how Diageo maintains a relentless focus on diversity and inclusion 

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