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Be truly inspired by HCL Software Test Engineer, Swati Sinha

Be truly inspired by HCL Software Test Engineer, Swati Sinha

 October 12, 2020

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Challenges are a part of everyone’s life.

But HCL Software Test Engineer Swati Sinha has been defying these challenges one after the other through her self-belief and the driving force of her daughter.

Never giving up on her career dreams

Being visually impaired, Swati's greatest challenge has been to develop the trust among peers that she can perform at par with the best.

It took seven rejections before she finally got her career break.

Becoming a HCL Accessibility Consultant

Since then, Swati has come a long way and today she is an ideapreneur and a successful Accessibility Consultant at HCL, and is well-versed with multiple screen readers such as JAWS, Narrator, and NVDA.

Applauding HCL's inclusion initiatives

For Swati, HCL initiatives such as tactile paths, talking ATMs, Braille labels on coffee machines and elevators shows the efforts the company makes to support differently-abled employees.

Receiving awards for her efforts 

During her time at HCL, Swati has received multiple awards: certified twice in the “All Hands meet,” 3rd prize in the Women's Day blogger contest, and recognition in the organization-wide newsletter.

"Swati's motivating story gives us hope for staying positive in these challenging times. We salute her for never giving up on her aspirations," shares HCL.

Join motivated women like Swati at HCL

Swati is one of many HCL employees embodying the company's culture of ideapreneurship - where employees are put at the forefront of innovation.

Innovate in your career at HCL - find a job across global locations.


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