Capgemini UK Analyst shares her apprenticeship journey

Capgemini UK Analyst shares her apprenticeship journey

 October 27, 2020

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Might you be deciding between going to university or doing an apprenticeship?

Or maybe you know someone in this situation.

Find out how Capgemini UK Security Analyst Lucy MacPherson found the right route to further education through a Capgemini apprenticeship.

Questioning the first step in her career 

Like many of her friends, Lucy was not sure what she wanted to do when she left school.

"I tried my hand at a few things and worked in retail for four years trying to figure out what I wanted to do, whilst earning some money to help with my bills and manage other responsibilities," she explains.

Finding the answer in a Capgemini apprenticeship

Lucy always knew she wanted to explore a career in IT but could never work out what would be the best option for her in such a vast field. Plus, the lack of options in Inverness added to her confusion on how to actually get started in the IT industry.

"When I did begin to look at what I could do, I stumbled upon an opportunity to join Capgemini as an apprentice. I leapt at the chance and applied immediately, as the option of being able to learn while I could earn was just ideal!" she adds.

"When I found out more about the apprenticeship scheme, I realised it would take just one year of my life and I would have more job options than when I started. A win-win!"

Progressing through interesting work in cybersecurity

Lucy started her apprenticeship in cybersecurity in 2017, and she is glad to have chosen this route. She has found the work so interesting and it ended up being exactly the kind of work she wanted.

"At the beginning, I was involved in security compliance for a dedicated Government client which I loved! It taught me the ins and outs of the different avenues that are available within cybersecurity and built my practical knowledge and understanding at the same time," she says.

"After two years, I then advanced to working with the Endpoint team who deal with anti-virus and monitoring as well as investigating any potentially malicious payloads which may be triggered. I have now moved to the team on a full-time basis while also doing Security Compliance.  I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do – every day is exciting and a real challenge and I’m constantly wondering what is going to happen next."

In the time Lucy has worked at Capgemini, she has secured two promotions and is studying part-time for an honours degree in cybersecurity which Capgemini is funding.

Find your perfect career path via a Capgemini UK apprenticeship

Capgemini offers a range of award-winning apprenticeships delivering great career experience.

You’ll have the opportunity to earn and learn, gaining valuable business experience whilst working towards your sponsored degree.

No student debt, with a guaranteed position and valuable work experience are just a few of many reasons why the programme has been become increasingly popular year on year.

Keep an eye on any upcoming apprenticeship opportunities or search for a further job with Capgemini.


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