Sarah Freeman joined Amazon's operations network during the COVID-19 pandemic and has ambitions to become a department manager

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Amazon: Enthusiastic employees focused on customer service

Amazon: Enthusiastic employees focused on customer service

 November 05, 2020

The Amazonians delivering customer orders have stories as diverse as they are.

Sarah Freeman joined Amazon's operations network in Charlotte after shutting down her business, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon hired an incredible volume of workers to handle a surge of online orders throughout the pandemic.

Leadership ambitions at Amazon

Initially, Sarah secured a temporary warehouse job at Amazon but figured it was a stopgap. “I thought this is just a means to an end until I figure out a better solution.” Realizing she enjoyed the role, she decided to stay and has ambitions to become a department manager.

Sarah worked at a center that received packages from vendors, sorted them and sent them to distribution centers to be shipped to customers. She scanned the packages, placed them on a pallet and moved the pallet to a holding area.

After three months as a temporary employee, Sarah became a permanent staffer. “You can move up in the world," she says of the workplace culture at Amazon.

Hiring further employees

Amazon is constantly expanding its workforce, searching for more people like Sarah to join its dynamic teams.

“We’re looking for employees who are enthusiastic, hard-working and concerned with customer service,” says Ofori Agboka, Amazon’s Vice President of Human Resources, Global Customer Fulfillment. “They bring their backgrounds and we train them.”

Read the full article featured by USA Today covering Sarah's journey.

Join ambitious women like Charlotte at Amazon

Working in Amazon's operations network means taking ownership for what you do — whether that's developing new technology in-house, launching a new Amazon Fulfillment Center, or delighting Amazon customers by delivering packages directly to them.

If you want to be part of this constantly expanding network, find your perfect job at Amazon.


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