Capgeminis new brand promise: Get The Future You Want

Capgemini's new brand promise: Get The Future You Want

 November 09, 2020

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Capgemini has as new brand promise and platform that capture the spirit of the company and encourages people to get the future they want.

This brand promise can help applicants learn more about Capgemini's purpose and choose a career with this prime employer.

Building on Capgemini's passion for people and technology

Capgemini's new brand platform reflects the zeitgeist of current times where world events and rapid digital transformation require people to look beyond the question of “can it be done?” and rather to define whether it’s the right choice for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Capgemini developed this brand platform through a collaborative process involving a variety of internal stakeholders.

It builds on what Capgemini is recognized for today: its business and industry relevance, its deep and long-term technology experience and its passion for people.

Capturing the spirit and energy of Capgemini

Aiman Ezzat, CEO of the Capgemini Group, explains the brand platform.

“Our brand platform is more than a tagline. It captures the spirit and energy of Capgemini and conveys our optimistic vision of the future. We are conscious that technology is now the critical enabler to almost every transformation of business and society. However, with this potential comes a great responsibility to leverage it in a human way to energise people and businesses. Our clients need to know that they have a business partner at their side, to help them define their future through technology and make it a reality. For our team members, we help them to define their careers and achieve their personal objectives. That is our focus; to help our clients, our people, and our communities get the future they want.”

Highlighting a commitment to inclusion and sustainability

The brand platform also reinforces Capgemini's commitment to inclusiveness and sustainability.

“Our new brand platform captures the spirit of our people, committed to bringing to life our purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for a sustainable and inclusive future," explains Virginie Regis, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Capgemini. "We want our teams, our clients, our partners, and our communities to feel that change can happen the way they want it to, and that we will help them achieve it."

Get the future you want at Capgemini

From advancing the digital consumer experience and transforming enterprise efficiency, to accelerating intelligent industry, Capgemini employees help clients create the sustainable, inclusive future everyone wants and needs.

Be part of this exciting future and choose a career with Capgemini.


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