Senior Director Cori Maegley went from military career to Medtronic

Senior Director Cori Maegley went from military career to Medtronic

 November 16, 2020

Medtronic is a proud supporter of Veteran's Day, an annual federal holiday in the United States that honors those who have served in the country's Armed Forces.

Honored for veteran recruitment

Medtronic honors veterans in its own way - by hiring them.

This has earned Medtronic recognition as a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon company for its commitment to recruiting, training, hiring and supporting military veterans.

“The work that Medtronic does to support veterans is exemplary,” says Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan. "This award is really an extension of the attention and care that the company gives its employees."

Celebrating its veteran employees

On Veteran's Day, Medtronic showcased Senior Director Cori Maegley, who transitioned from military service to a civilian career with the support of the company and Mission-led focus.

Cori wants to help other veterans find the same sense of passion and purpose in the next chapter of their careers at Medtronic

"I worried that in transitioning out of a military career, I would feel a loss of the strong sense of purpose that the military provides," she explains. 

"But at Medtronic, our collective focus on Medtronic Mission is front and center in the work we do everyday."

Like Cori, find your passion and purpose at Medtronic

This drive towards veteran recruitment is part of Medtronic's understanding that unique perspectives contribute to its culture of collaboration and innovation - and with a greater diversity of voices comes a greater number of lives saved.

Bring your unique perspective to Medtronic.


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