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F5 uses data to create gender inclusive recruitment language

F5 uses data to create gender inclusive recruitment language

 November 20, 2020

F5 is committed to a diverse and inclusive company, actively creating a culture where everyone can be themselves.

This commitment extends into the language F5 uses in its recruitment adverts and content. With the support of augmented writing platform, Textio, F5 is aligning its language with its Guiding Principe and core behaviors, known as BeF5. Using data-driven language guidance, F5 can communicate company values to potential employees and attract diverse talent.

Aligning with F5's Behaviors 

F5's Guiding Principle states "First and foremost, we do the right thing-for each other, our customers, our shareholders, our community, and the world." The BeF5 Behaviors state: We are owners; We choose speed; We create a more diverse and inclusive F5; We obsess over customer needs; We help each other thrive.

Ana White, F5 Chief Human Resources Officer, said: “We are evolving the culture to support the future of F5, and these five behaviors describe how we need to work to execute the company strategy. Words matter, and we value working with Textio as inclusive words attract inclusive and diverse talent.”

For F5 Talent Acquisition Director Nancy DeLeon, using language that aligns with F5's goals is attracting “smart, diverse, creative, and collaborative people who can help take us where we want to go.” 

Attracting more diverse talent

Code knows no gender f5

F5 is working with Textio to ensure that high performing words within the company's job posts match up to each BeF5 behaviour. For example, using words like "creative", "detail-orientated", and "multitask" has helped boost the number of female applicants. 

All managers and recruiters at F5 have access to Textio so that they can increase their understanding of how linguistic inclusion can diversify candidate pools. Using Textio, managers create job descriptions that achieve a minimum score of 80 with gender-neutral language. 

Jenn Gile, an F5 Learning and Development Program Manager, said Textio “helps hiring managers own their open roles and empowers them to do more than just talk about our behaviors, but truly live them through the hiring process. With both recruiters and hiring managers using Textio, they gain a shared language and understanding of how to create a more diverse and inclusive F5.”

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F5 is committed to a culture that makes it possible for you to live your best life - at work and beyond.

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