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HCL supports all-female Dutchess of the Sea team row the ocean

HCL supports all-female Dutchess of the Sea team row the ocean

 December 17, 2020

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* Image credits: Atlantic Campaigns

It was thrilling to see HCL Technologies proudly support four talented women competing in the world’s toughest rowing event, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

The Challenge is an annual event that takes place each December and the 2020/2021 race saw 21 teams from across the globe compete over a period of over a month.

The women’s team, Dutchess of the Sea or DotS as they are collegially known by some, rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean starting from San Sebastian in La Gomera in the Canary Islands to finish in Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour in Antigua & Barbuda. 

“We will be guaranteed exhaustion from rowing in shifts of two hours on two hours off, storms and 50ft waves that toss our tiny boat, blisters, sea sickness, sunburn, lack of sleep, open sores and dehydrated food. A mental and physical journey awaits us,” commented DOTS ahead of the journey.

Sharing a dream

HCL - Duchess of the Seas women in sport

HCL Technologies as lead Diamond Sponsor of Dutchess of the Sea, supported the dream of four remarkable women.

The Dutchess of the Sea team saw Astrid, Remke, Bela and Désirée all share a same dream: to row across the Atlantic Ocean. No other Dutch women’s team has ever made this crossing before, so this was a world first premiere.

Together with their experience, determination and friendship, the women make a perfect team. Rowing across the Atlantic is certainly a huge challenge, and as a team aged in their 50's, they set out to push boundaries and prove that nothing is impossible. 

“It’s an adrenaline rush when you think of the fact that you will be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. A combination of fear, excitement and craziness which takes you beyond all boundaries. Blessed that you can make that choice and by doing so also helping others,” said the Team.

The four women are fanatic rowers. Astrid, Remke and Désirée met at their rowing club Daventre Portu in Deventer in The Netherlands. The three women have been taking part in the Dutch Lifeboat (fixed seat) rowing competition for several years. Bela, a scull rower, has been rowing at nearby Isala Rowing Club in Zutphen for nearly five years and takes part in marathon rowing and is a member of the Dutch Coastal Rowing club. 

Dutchess of the Sea dedicates their fundraising to two charities that mean a great deal to the women: ALS Netherlands and the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Supporting teamwork is important to HCL

HCL believes effective teamwork is critical in achieving high performance – so what better way to shine a light on the performance of our women working in harmony to achieve a considerable outcome.

Supporting these women’s passion saw HCL provide significant financial support and visibility as they overcame the many challenges ahead of them. Additionally, the team’s fitness and motivation were crucial - again these are areas that HCL prioritizes within their own workforce.

The future is written today

HCL - Duchess of the Seas women in sport

HCL Technologies places great focus on its Inspire for Better campaign that recognizes that the world is at an interesting juncture because there are opportunities to transform at scale and accelerate at a pace not seen before. 

The world is evolving rapidly, requiring fresher, more progressive, and innovative approaches to make the most of opportunities and to not just survive but also thrive. It is a time for values, to stand united through the power of ideas and technology, and to inspire innovation for better.

At the same time, never has there been a more pressing need to evaluate the way we go about realizing opportunities. And, it is now more than ever that the collective of organisations, societies, and individuals must stand united for values, ideas, and approaches that will make our tomorrow better.

The future is the outcome of what we do today

Committed to being a socially responsible and sustainability led business, HCL Technologies believes in developing an ecosystem that supports the environment and the community, across the different regions where they have a presence. 

With an eye on the future, their efforts are directed to inspire innovation and propel new ideas through using technology and collaboration to create impact which leads to a better world.

With their sponsorship of the Dutchess of the Sea as they took on the arduous Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, HCL's aim is to Inspire for Better.

Inspiring women to lead

HCL - Duchess of the Seas women in sport

Through their journey the team battled tall waves, dehydration, exhaustion, sunburn and much more. In addition to the physical emphasis, these hardships were a test of tenacity, courage, teamwork, and partnership in the face of adversity.

As the first all-female Dutch teams to participate in this race, the Dutchess of the Sea team is an inspiration for all women to take the lead to pursue their goals and aspirations by taking on challenges, head-on.

Inspire for a sustainable world

HCL - Duchess of the Seas women in sport

A better world is where the environment thrives, and our communities prosper with values of equality and inclusivity. And, this can happen only when we all come forward to play our role in finding solutions, creating impact, driving change, and ushering in newer possibilities.

What may now not seem like your problem or even a problem for that matter, is in fact, a passing up on a responsibility. Because a problem for the planet or the society is everyone’s problem.

The Dutchess of the Sea team is an inspiration for all to do better for our planet and for our community.


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