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HCL leader speaks about boosting workplace experience in a crisis

HCL leader speaks about boosting workplace experience in a crisis

 January 04, 2021

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HCL Technologies Digital Workplace Services podcast envisions the future of the workplace with industry leaders. These experts help listeners identify, understand, and prepare for the upcoming digital workplace technologies and trends.

One interesting episode included a discussion with industry expert Dr Amelia Mosquera Pardo, Change and Adoption Lead Consultant for HCL Technologies' Digital Workplace Business

In her role, Amelia works with clients and delivery teams to ensure that all services and products are designed and delivered with the user in mind, and that the new ways of working enabled by their introduction are effectively embedded into business as usual.

Boosting workplace experience and productivity

In the podcast episode, Amelia shares how enterprises can boost workplace experience and stay productive during a crisis. 

She also explains why workplace experience is the first vital step businesses need to consider during a crisis and how HCL works with clients to ensure their employees are supported, educated, and productive during and after a crisis situation.

"The focus should be what people need to be productive, stay connected and feel supported and enabled while changing the way that they work. Managers are the key here as they need to understand the context in which their teams are working while in lockdown and what impact that context has on their working life and wellbeing," Amelia shares. 

"In order to do this effectively, managers need to be provided with the tools that they need to be able to manage, support and enable their teams during the crisis of such as training and development, organizational support and processes so that they can take into account people's individual context while they're managing them."

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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