Capgeminis Avancer program supports womens careers

Capgemini's Avancer program supports women's careers

 January 04, 2021

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Capgemini understands that being a woman in the workforce isn’t always easy and that the challenges women face when it comes to advancing in their careers can seem overwhelming.

The company has also long been a champion of women in the workplace. It believes that nurturing and supporting women in career advancement helps create a richer, more diverse workspace, which is better for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to women in management roles.

Aarti Srivastava, an expert in HR Transformation working in Capgemini's Business Services, says that facing challenges, asking for help, and learning to juggle are all important factors for a woman in the workforce. Aarti herself partners with business leaders on people strategy to make the workforce future ready, leadership visionary and individual employees engaged. She supports clients with the best and future looking talent to help achieve their business goals.

Capgemini’s Avancer Program creates female leaders of tomorrow today

Capgemini’s Avancer program helps women to build the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

“Avancer is a great opportunity to help nurture self-confidence in the participants and encourage them to climb the corporate ladder, while they learn about their capabilities to make things happen," comments Cindy Eugenia Lorenzana, HR Business Partner Manager at Capgemini Guatemala.

The program lifts women up.

A revolutionary campaign to create future female managers

Capgemini launched the Avancer program to help women successfully climb the corporate ladder. This revolutionary campaign enables women who are already in mid-level roles to learn new skills and apply them to their careers to create future female managers today.

In the inaugural cycle of the Avancer program, 146 Capgemini women in Capgemini Business Services from all around the world worked with 79 mentors, both men and women, to learn skills that will set them apart as they take control of their career trajectory.

Gaining hard skills and meeting with mentors

On top of all the soft skills they learn over the six-month course, there are also a series of modules designed to help these women gain the needed hard skills to move into more senior management roles, as well as monthly meetings with mentors and message boards to touch base with other participants to discuss what they are learning, how to approach the assignments, and just exchange ideas.

“Every time I meet with my mentees, I see how they have flourished and hear the excitement in their voice when they talk about their accomplishments; I’m starting to see our future women leaders blossom in front of me," explains Cathy Henderson, Manager NA HR Services at Capgemini.

Diverse organizations open up countless possibilities

For Capgemini, encouraging diversity in organizations of any size, but especially large multinational corporations, opens a world of possibilities in every aspect of how to do business.

New ideas on how to engage with clients, inspire employees, find solutions to tricky situations, as well as just the basic day to day running of companies benefit from having a variety of voices and creative ideas.

“Gender balance is key to ensure diversity in the workplace… I also get a lot of from this program: exposure to other cultures, genuine conversations, understanding my female colleagues’ point of view, and how to keep each other motivated," adds Alain Mathon, Senior Service Delivery Manager at Capgemini.

Promoting talent throughout Capgemini

As Global Head of HR for Capgemini's Business Services, Aarti Srivastava shares how Capgemini’s Avancer program helps women ace their careers and why she wants to use her years of experience to help lift women.

"One of the things I love the most about working for Capgemini is its belief in promoting talent through the ranks. And even though we have plenty of great programs dedicated to helping people at every level of our organization, we wanted to create one explicitly reserved for women who aspire to move into senior roles. We hope that the Avancer program will encourage more women to aim for senior management positions in Capgemini," she explains.

"This six-month program was designed to help high performing women in early to mid-management positions within Capgemini’s Business Services to understand the digital world’s ever-changing landscape, especially when it comes to digital transformation. It also teaches them essential leadership and soft skills so they can lead with confidence as they navigate their career path within Capgemini. That way, they can be successful in every aspect of their lives, both at home and at work."

Work for a company that supports women's careers

As well as its Avancer program, Capgemini also offers countless other personal and professional development opportunities to support the advancement of women's careers.

Search and apply for a meaningful and rewarding job with Capgemini.


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