Important work and words from Capgeminis Amanda Gosling

Important work and words from Capgemini's Amanda Gosling

 January 10, 2021

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It is always refreshing and inspiring to meet women who love their work and are achieving impressive feats.

Where Women Work likes to delve into what women do, why they enjoy their work, what they are achieving, and how they are helping drive forward the company - and importantly what motivates them.

Where Women Work caught up with a hugely impressive woman who works for Capgemini.

Her name is Amanda Gosling, and we think you would like to hear what she has to say.

A job many of us would love to have

Capgemini - Amanda Gosling - TECHNOLOGY

Amanda has a super exciting job at Capgemini Invent, a job that many of us would indeed love to have. Amanda gets to help clients transform their businesses into what is needed next. She takes a human-centric approach to systems thinking and carefully considers the customer, employee, and ecosystem to help discover key areas for innovation and optimisation. Working with some great leaders, Amanda focuses on helping to drive new businesses, better businesses, and more sustainable businesses. She and her colleagues work at the heart of design, data, process and enabling technologies.

Amanda admits she is pretty client obsessed. She is also very expertise driven and team focused. "I lead the Telco, Media, Hi-Tech and Services business for Capgemini Invent – the digital and consulting arm of Capgemini. My job is to establish and grow this sector as it was nascent when I arrived a year ago," explains Amanda. "In order to do this, I have, and will continue to, recruit a fantastic team of experts who have aligned values and work approaches with our clients. I focus on building strong relationships across our business, both within Invent and across Capgemini and further partners. Most importantly, I aim to build trust with new clients and deliver high-quality work so that we are successful in building sustainable relationships with clients which deliver good commercial outcomes for the business in addition to further growth opportunities for the team."

All relationships are built on trust

When asked about some of the most challenging aspects of her work, Amanda suggests that the remote scenario expedited through the pandemic has proved somewhat challenging when it comes to relationship building. "All relationships, business or personal, are built on trust," says Amanda. "Developing trust in a remote scenario is just that bit harder than in physical face-to-face opportunities. Think of it as building a start-up with expectations of enterprise scale. This means that the scale of the opportunities/questions we are answering for clients are mission critical, so therefore require a lot of trust, and building that trust takes a lot longer, and it is done in different ways and it requires a dexterity that is new and different."

Inclusion provides a foundation for the future 

In addition to her day job, Amanda is also responsible for Race and Gender diversity for Capgemini Invent and leads their Sustainability efforts. "These responsibilities are extremely important, as arguably, they are the foundation of the future of our company," attests Amanda. "Driving step change in these areas is possible, and it is also very rewarding because the whole company is committed to an inclusive agenda."

Diversity and inclusion are important to Capgemini's competitiveness and helps to ensure the company has the best workforce for the future. "I see diversity and inclusion as a non-negotiable," declares Amanda. "If we are going to compete effectively for work with clients, then diversity of background, experience and vision will help ensure we produce better work and better outcomes. It is important to ensure that we are opening up our approaches and strategies to attract and retain talent so that our team looks and operates the way it should – by design – not by accident, and this takes focus."

Key qualities articulate who we are

Capgemini - Amanda Gosling - teamwork

Within her role, Amanda constantly calls upon some key qualities that she has firmly developed: authenticity, expertise and experience, humour, and empathy. Where Women Work asked Amanda to elaborate on each quality in detail.

When it comes to authenticity, Amanda believes that all relationships in business should be based on partnership thinking - and to bring people together and build the trust mentioned above, one must be truly authentic.

Looking at expertise and experience, Amanda knows that clients and employees alike tend to gravitate to industry and domain expertise. The days of generalist consultants arguably is over and the requirement of the truly 'T shaped person' (i.e. deep knowledge/skills in one area supported by a broad base of general supporting knowledge/skills) is paramount. "You have to know what it is you truly know and have learned and experienced, because this is how you ensure clients can avoid pitfalls, accelerate outcomes and ensure long-term fruitful relationships. This is also especially important for attracting top talent because excellence likes excellence," explains Amanda.

Humour and empathy are particularly important to Amanda. "To have a good time while working, I have a high standard for work, but I also have a deep commitment to fun and not taking things too seriously. I try to ensure that we have a good time through our client partnerships, internal teams, and all collaborations.”

“I always try to ensure that I can see the world from multiple perspectives and lived experiences - and this is critical to building or leading any team, and even more so in these times given the different personal circumstances people are living with. This means that I manage people, not a team, to ensure I can support and encourage the best from each individual and that they in turn can have their own best experience possible," explains Amanda.

A tremendous company to work for

Amanda can certainly attest that Capgemini is a tremendous company to work for and that there have been many key achievements and successes for the company. 

"Capgemini’s strengths are many!' comments Amanda. "From my first 12 months in my role, I would most certainly highlight the quality of the people and the standard of work that is produced. Capgemini sees a much higher level of expertise than I have witnessed previously.”

“I would also highlight the importance of Capgemini's values that really form the very foundation of our culture. Capgemini is truly a 'person-first' environment. We are focused on driving a more inclusive environment with gender and race at the centre of our team building for the future. I am also extremely proud to be part of a company that has supported so many initiatives that have been, and will continue to be, critical for the future of the United Kingdom – from supporting the Scottish government's test and protect COVID response with data and analytics, through to several large engagements with the central UK government that supported efforts throughout the pandemic for citizens, through to helping prepare for a successful Brexit. This is truly meaningful work that enhances people’s lives," says Amanda.

Encouraging women to join Capgemini

An authentic advocate for the company, Amanda strongly invites and encourages women to consider joining Capgemini. "Women, join Capgemini as soon as you can," she suggests. "We're a company that's always performing while transforming, and if you enjoy be being part of that type of dynamism and you desire to raise the bar every day, then Capgemini is certainly a great place for you to work. We are in no way complacent about how the world requires us to continue to evolve and so we are always looking for expertise-driven, fun, talented women who feel rewarded by having high-impact with clients."

Travel and food – a great combination to enjoy

Capgemini food

And, when she is not working how does Amanda enjoy her mush deserved downtime? Travel, travel, and more travel (albeit more so pre-COVID of course).

Amanda is also a foodie and adores exploring restaurants, following chefs, and cooking as her creative output. From following recipes of increasing difficulty, through to those familiar, simple truly yummy dishes, Amanda also experiments in trying out her own innovative inventions with some being perfected, and other not so! "For me, food is all about showing love and so I think that's a great thing."

Capgemini's Amanda Gosling enjoys cooking

So, feel inspired about a career with Capgemini UK?

Feel free to reach out to Amanda on LinkedIn. She has considerable expertise and supportive advice to offer about how to apply for roles with Capgemini and what skills and experiences are sought.

Alternatively, check out all the latest Capgemini jobs and see what inspires you to put forward a job application today.


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