Return to work via Clouderas Path Forward partnership

Return to work via Cloudera's Path Forward partnership

As part of its commitment to women returners, Cloudera partners with nonprofit organization Path Forward

With Path Forward's support, Cloudera develops and runs mid-career internships to empower people to restart their careers after time spent focused on caregiving.

“At Cloudera we believe that greater diversity leads to greater ideas. Our partnership with Path Forward is an extension of those beliefs and our investment in people," explains Britt Sellin, Vice President of HR at Cloudera. "This partnership not only reflects our values, but will also help us to develop an even more diverse team with new perspectives."

Rediscovering a leadership career at Cloudera

Anne Smith [pictured above] forged a new career path as an engineering manager through a returnship with Cloudera. Although a three-year career break to care for her children meant that she had not worked in a hands-on engineering environment for a while, her 28 years of software engineering experience meant she could return to work as an intern project manager with Cloudera's Quality Engineering team.

Working on big-data open source projects

Now, as a development manager in Cloudera's Customer Centric Engineering team, Anne is making a number of big-data open source projects enterprise-ready.

"If Cloudera hadn’t become acquainted with me through the returnship, I’m not sure I would have been considered as a candidate, since I didn’t have closer experience with the technology they work with," she explains. "Cloudera wanted people who had previous management experience, and after getting to know me they gave me a chance. That turned out to be a good fit for me."

Benefitting from a flexible schedule

For Anne, doing a returnship with Cloudera gave her access to a leading company may not have otherwise considered her.

Cloudera was also sensitive to her home life schedule, and gave her the flexibility she needed to ease back into working life.

Creating a connection with her team

Anne's favourite aspects of the returnship included "engaging with intelligent adults during the day and feeling once again part of Silicon Valley", while she was most proud of the relationships she cultivated in such a short space of time.

"People at Cloudera are incredibly smart and engaging, and in a technology company, it really adds something to the culture," she adds. "I want to thank my employer Cloudera for being open minded to this. The technology and software that they work on here is one of the most male-dominated fields. They’re taking diversity of all kinds very seriously and as part of that really embracing the Path Forward concept."

And Anne's advice to future returnees: "Jump in and give it a try. Go for a new opportunity when it comes up and try new ways of doing things. Things will keep changing and that’s ok."

Cloudera's partnership with Path Forward truly demonstrates its appreciation for women returners - that the skills they offer, the perspective they provide, and the contributions they can make add value to the company, diversity its workforce, and lead to greater innovation.

Who can apply?

These 16-week paid internships are open to women with minimum five years of professional experience who have been out of the paid workforce for two or more years for caregiving purposes. 

Looking to return to work?

Working at Cloudera is about contributing towards the greater good.

Working for the company means being involved in some impressive initiatives, including helping establish a cloud-based collection and analysis tool that identified suspected human trafficking networks and individuals.

If you're ready to restart your career after a break, sign up to Path Forward to hear about the latest opportunities with Cloudera.

In the meantime, take a look at the type of exciting roles Cloudera recruits for.


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