Meet influential women driving tech innovation at Cloudera

Meet influential women driving tech innovation at Cloudera

Enterprise data cloud company Cloudera believes that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow.

They deliver enterprise data cloud that provides cloud-native services to manage and secure the entire data lifecycle from ingest to experimentation, from the Edge to AI, in any cloud or data center.

Meet some of the women who work at Cloudera and are driving innovation and transformation for global organizations.

Plus, find out how you can apply for an exciting job with the company.

Meet Teresa Morris, Senior Manager for Cloudera's Technical Partner Support

Cloudera technology

Teresa Morris [pictured above] works in a role that entails building and managing support partnerships – and she finds it very rewarding. “It’s not a one project kind of thing, it’s a whole experience of managing partnerships that bring more business. Being a part of a digital transformation and all the things that drive customers experience is so fulfilling.” 

Early dreams of working in the tech industry

But there is more to Teresa than what she does during her working hours. Growing up, she always knew she wanted to work in the tech industry. 

Both her parents served in the military. Her mother went into banking after her service and her father went into tech while balancing reserve duty, eventually, retiring as a Marine Corp Major. “I’ve always had some type of immersion into technology so I knew that was my path, I just took a very different way of getting there.”

She started in learning and development, gained experience in sales and support, then went on to manage the federal secure teams at NetApp. After building a solid career she was impacted by a layoff, so she focused her efforts on being a great mom and going back to school to get her degree. “I wanted to finish what I started”. 

Finding her place at Cloudera

Not long after, she found her way to Cloudera

“When I first started the interview process, I lost my father so it was such a trying time for me.“ Despite what she was going through on a personal and emotional level, she was impressed by her interviewer and what they had to say about the company. “I thought, this is where I should be, where I can provide value and here I am 3.5 years later in the partner space still doing what I love.”

Spearheading Cloudera's diversity efforts

Much of Teresa's time has been spent helping transform the relationships of Cloudera's technical support partners, but she has also taken an active role in helping forge Cloudera's diversity efforts. 

In the wake of a massive movement to end racial injustice and Cloudera’s firm stance to create equality, Teresa joined the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board and her interactions with leadership have given her a deep sense of hope. 

“I was one of those people who sat in on the call with our CEO, Rob, after what happened to George Floyd. When he said, ‘It should be us to change the world’, I was moved to tears. It was the first time I heard someone say that if we can't do this together, it can't be done.” 

This, along with the formation of the diversity team and appointment of Sarah Shin as Chief Diversity Officer, and being transparent in the data around Cloudera's own diversity, are all beacons of hope for Teresa. 

“In order to be part of the change you have to truly be part of it. This work doesn’t add an additional level of stress for me, it’s actually a stress reliever. You get to hear diverse opinions and perspectives and it opens me up to think in a way that I may not have before.”  

Contributing to the local community

Outside of her commitments to Cloudera, Teresa takes an active role in her community. 

She and her husband own a youth's sports business that started as a single football team and has since blossomed into several football and basketball teams, track clubs and a softball team. Through this, she has been able to spread her value to her community. “You get so many kids – young people from diverse backgrounds – and for some of them, we are the only positive influence that they see. Sometimes you have to stand in the gaps when someone else can’t.” 

A commitment to career success

When asked how she is managing all her responsibilities – work, her role on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, being a mom (and a home schooling teacher due to thre pandemic), a business owner and a mentor – she explains that she implements a two-folded approach. Part of her focus is due to her natural tendency to always get the job done. “I’m the kind of person who pushes forward even when I’m tired. To me, every opportunity is a chance for me to learn more, to do more, to provide more value and impact.” This is an incredible mindset to have, and one that has clearly taken Teresa a long way but it’s only part of how she’s managed wearing so many hats.

Secondly, she attributes her further focus and her success to be supported by Cloudera's progressive work culture. “Cloudera is a place that is supportive of your work life balance. One where you’re encouraged to take a moment, take a day, take the time away that you need.” Noting many people are facing a new balancing act due to the pandemic, Teresa is incredibly grateful for her supportive colleagues and team – a team that isn't afraid or burdened to step up when she needs to step out. “I think that's what is so amazing about the Cloudera culture, it's an understanding that it truly takes teamwork to make it all work.” 

When asked what what advice she would for women considering a role at Cloudera, she shares that Cloudera is a one-stop shop. “You'll get all the experience here you'd hope to get hopping around at six jobs, so be ready and excited.” 

Meet Ana Gillan, Senior Solutions Engineer at Cloudera

software engineer Cloudera

As Senior Solutions Engineer, Ana works with some of the largest companies in the world to navigate the complexities of cloud and big data on their journey to the cloud.

Ana is passionate about the role that data security and governance play in building trust and transparency in new technology services - a topic that has increasing economic and societal importance.

Ana also has an active voice on diversity and inclusion in the world of technology and she regularly speaks openly about her own experiences in order to inspire the next generation.

In her global role as Cloudera’s subject matter expert on shared data experience, Ana promotes knowledge sharing and best practices to ensure the company continues to pioneer a sustainable, secure future for data and the cloud.

Work alongside successful women at Cloudera

A great opportunity is waiting for you at Cloudera to work with the best and the brightest in the industry.

If you want to work alongside women like Teresa, Ana and Cindy, then find out about what a career at Cloudera looks like and search their latest job vacancies.


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