Beam Suntory recruits talented women across the company

Beam Suntory recruits talented women across the company

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Women who work at Beam Suntory are innovators, collaborators and creators. They Unleash their Spirit everyday, working together across functions and borders to innovate and drive winning results in the right way.

Meet some inspiring Beam Suntory women and find out more about their roles at this leading premium spirits company.

Meet Robin Nance, Senior National Portfolio Ambassador

Robin works with the company's brand teams in addition to working across the entire portfolio to build out education programming events for trade - specifically for bartenders and hospitality professionals - and to make sure that what Beam Suntory is developing is engaging and beneficial to the trade community.

"This job gives me the opportunity to stretch myself and spread my wings and learn, but also be that mentor for the people that are coming up through the ranks," explains Robin.

Meet Yuko Koshiishi, Beam Suntory Manager of Digital and CSR Communications

Before she returned to Suntory Holdings to take on a new role focused on Sustainability, Yuko relocated from Tokyo to Chicago on a fixed-term assignment to work closely with Beam Suntory’s global communication team.

"I think this is really unique that I'm able to access both cultures and also have a position that enables me to communicate to both parties," comments Yuko.

"I think the benefit of blending two cultures is really sharing the strands and different perspectives with each other which will even more strengthen the culture and the way we're working. Just having such a broad connection with the fascinating team in Beam Suntory and Suntory is really exciting and it's like eye-opening for me every time I talk or have some connection with those people."

Meet Beth Burrows, Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador for Bourbon

At Beam Suntory, Beth gets to travel the state and educate people about Bourbon through tastings, education, and events.

"The culture here at Beam Suntory is you come as a friend and you leave as family," suggests Beth.

"I was brought into this role because of who I am and all of my kind of awkward weirdness. It allows for me to bring my perspective and my love of cocktails, my love of Bourbon, my love of this family. It's just where I'm supposed to be and I get to do it everyday."

Meet Jordan Douglas, Beam Suntory Senior Human Resources Manager - US & Global Marketing

Jordan's job is to go out and speak to talent that will help to further build Beam Suntory as a business.

She is given the freedom to come up with innovation solutions of how to bring in the best talent and how to attract the best people into the organization.

"Something that really drives us as a company is our overall entrepreneurial and innovative mindset - inspiring people that are aligned with that piece of our culture," comments Jordan.

Meet Linda Hayes, Beam Suntory Jim Beam Legacy Events Manager

Linda creates events and program for Beam Suntory employees. This helps employees feel part of the family and drives their passion for their careers.

"One thing I really love about my job is meeting people. It's really all about the people for me," explains Linda.

Listen to Linda on The Bourbon Show.

Why do women love working at Beam Suntory?

Unleash your spirit every day with a career at Beam Suntory

Women at Beam Suntory are part of an inclusive and collaborative global business, a world leader in premium spirits.

At Beam Suntory, you’re invited to dream big and tenaciously pursue ambitious goals – they call it their Yatte Minahare Spirit. It’s a business that runs on responsibility, integrity, ambition and drive, and they celebrate exceptional performance.

Each individual brings something unique to Beam Suntory – themselves. Beam Suntory values difference, and appreciates what each person can contribute. Their global team inspires each other, challenging themselves to innovate, improve, advance new ideas, and try new things.

The company prides itself on creating endless opportunities to Unleash Your Spirit every day in a culture that is charged, creative, challenging and fun.

If you want to join the Beam Suntory family, search and apply for an exciting job with the company.


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