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Arcadis supports employee choices in post-pandemic world

Arcadis supports employee choices in post-pandemic world

 January 26, 2021

"The way people work is evolving all the time, and our aim is to give people choice about where and how they work in future. However, the office environment still plays a significant role, particularly when it comes to meetings, collaboration, building social connections, and engaging with our clients," says Arcadis UK & Ireland CEO Mark Cowlard in an Evening Standard article about the future of workspaces.

Understanding the importance of an office environment

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing where and how people work, Arcadis acknowledges the importance of a central workplace - with plans to move the company to a new London office in Fenchurch Street. 

Yet, as Mark Cowlard reiterated, Arcadis wants to give its employees flexibility and choice so they can be their best selves, in and out of work.

Meeting all employee needs with flexible work options

Arcadis believes that having a flexible approach to work enables its people to operate in a way that suits their needs now and in the future.

Employees are provoided with the flexibility to define a working life that works for them as Arcadis appreciates the need for people to be empowered and trusted to work in a way that creates a positive life balance.     

With a flexible mindset, Arcadis helps employees to balance their life - including helping to provide work arrangements that enable family support, study, working from home, parental leave, and starting early / leaving early to beat traffic.

“I think Arcadis really supports a work-life balance. I have a two-year-old son, but I've never felt like that slowed me down. I know a lot of people hop around in their careers, but I’ve never felt the need to do that. I think that’s a testament to being able to achieve a lot in a short career," says Jennifer Buckels-Mayers, Associate Vice President at Arcadis.

Work in a way that best suits you with a career at Arcadis

The world is changing - flexible working is becoming a focus-point and Arcadis is creating positive opportunities for its employees.

Be supported in your career at Arcadis.

Search and apply for a job with the company.


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