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Where are talented cybersecurity women heading?

Cyber security is no longer an IT-only issue. Today's cyber criminals are well-funded, organised criminal communities that continue to infiltrate industry systems again and again, inflicting significant damage on so many levels.

We caught up with Meaghan Stackpole who works as a Senior Manager in Cyber Security within the EY Australia Risk practice. She's working on some very exciting projects so we asked her what some of the key issues companies are facing when it comes to such a digitally complex world.

Protecting critical assets through cybersecurity

"Many organisations are in the early stages of realising they need an active, real-time security defence program to manage daily threats and risks," explains Meaghan. “Combine this with the increased outsourcing of information services and the larger digital footprint of today’s organisations, it’s easy for companies to have difficulties figuring out what to focus their limited security budgets on. EY provides a number of services that address these concerns, helping clients understand their critical assets and what they can do to protect them."

For Meaghan, every day is different but generally her day will see her on a client site helping define or execute their security program, often providing advice on the security strategy and how to get their senior leadership and business buy-in to support the security program.

Meaghan has been centrally involved in some innovative work for the public service who needed assistance in Cyber Threat Management. EY developed a robust and repeatable program that the client uses to manage their cyber risks. It takes into account internal and external threats, business risks associated with application/system use and the maturity of controls in place to protect information assets. "The work we did is now being used as the basis for a number of other proposals globally," says Meaghan who thrives working in the cyber security arena.

EY is a major player in the cybersecurity arena

EY as an employer and as a major player in the tech security and cyber arena is an exciting place to work. "I think EY has a more robust program in the cyber security space than other employers I’ve previously worked for. Cyber Security is a massive landscape and I think EY Cyber leadership has consciously made a few calls on the areas we want to excel in and the areas we’ll leave for other players - which means we can focus on being great at what we do," suggests Meaghan. "There’s a great deal of internal support to grow the cyber security program through innovation and to continue to be a large player in this space, so for me it’s an exciting time to be part of EY."

A rewarding career at EY

When asked about EY's commitment to recruiting and developing top talent, Meaghan says that EY is a very progressive employer. "EY values its people more than I’ve experienced at most other companies. There are many opportunities for innovation and development and if you have the desire the support to create new offerings and services and drive them forward is there. Giving back to communities is also a big focus. At times this can obviously be challenging due to extensive work commitments, however involvement provides an important opportunity for innovation and supporting something you’re proud of - and this can be hugely rewarding."

EY has provided a great career move

So has EY proved a great career move for Meaghan? Thriving in her role, Meaghan says her work is very fulfilling. "EY has been a great career move for me. I wasn't enjoying my previous consulting roles, so was somewhat sceptical about whether consulting would be different at EY. However, the tremendous support from leadership, their commitment to growing the Cyber Security program and developing their people is clearly evident. Combined with the fact that cyber security is a growing space, I see much opportunity for a long time to come."

Meaghan calls for other women to certainly consider EY as a tremendous employer. "EY values flexibility, so the focus is on delivery and achievement. And this works extremely well."

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