Western Union has a wide range of exciting career opportunities

So what exactly does Western Union do?

Western Union connects people

Western Union moves money for better, enabling individuals, families and friends to reliably and seamlessly transfer money in ways that are convenient for them, whether that is walking into a retail Agent location or visiting our website, or tapping our Western Union app to move money in minutes.

Western Union has an increasing number of social media platform partners, where customers can send money to friends and family easily and reliably.

Why does the Western Union Foundation exist?

The Western Union Foundation solicits proposals that address economic opportunity through education and economic development programs such as job training, life-skills development, small-business development and financial literacy. In addition, proposals are solicited from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide financially underserved individuals and families with the tools they need to get ahead.

The Western Union Foundation has a strong focus on education and employment. They do this via grantmaking, educational tools and stakeholder engagement. The key areas the Western Union Foundation works in are:

Economic Opportunity

  • providing educational resources
  • funding vocational training programs
  • promoting financial literacy

Disaster Relief

  • funding life-saving rapid response
  • using our business reach for impact
  • providing grants for preparedness and sustainable recovery


  • addressing issues of concern locally
  • supporting innovative programs globally
  • advocating educational and economic opportunity for all

Special Programs

  • rallying consumers around education and economic opportunity
  • engaging employees around the world
  • teaming up with our Agents for impact

Some interesting facts about Western Union

  • 550,000+ agent locations, and 150,000 ATMs, Kiosks around the globe In over 200 countries and territories
  • Western Union is in over 200 countriesand territories
  • People can send money in minutes, next-day delivery, or via direct-to-bank transferservice, where available
  • People can send a money transfer online from more than 40 countries, or via mobile app from 25 countries to more than 200 countries and territories

Western Union connects businesses

In a global economy, businesses have a growing need to move money around the globe and transact in different currencies. International payments allow businesses to accelerate growth, make transfers in multiple currencies and formats to over 170 countries and territories. Risk management helps protect business profits. Organizations work with our risk management specialists to build a simple plan to manage currency exposure and contain currency costs. Cash management assists businesses in control of cash flow. Western Union Business Solutions can get the right information to make sound decisions, know your currency exposure and quickly forecast cash flow.

Useful statistics about Western Union

  • ongoing relationship with over 100,000 business clients
  • over 540 million business payments in 2017
  • transacting in more than 130 currencies

Research exciting careers with Western Union

Check out the many and varied roles you might work in at Western Union. By providing critical financial services, Western Union helps to transform lives, create jobs and drive economic growth worldwide. A great focus for your work!


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