Medtronic supported Layci to develop her leadership skills

Medtronic supported Layci to develop her leadership skills

 February 19, 2021

"Employee Resource Groups at Medtronic contribute to a culture where a diverse set of voices are valued, and employees can have an impact no matter their role," says Layci Calloway, Senior Program Manager at Medtronic.

At Medtronic, Employee Resource Groups build solid cross-company relationships, connecting employees like Layci with career knowledge that they can’t get anywhere else.

Employee Resource Groups also enable employees to network with people, join and lead teams, and attend career development events.

Benefiting from leadership opportunities

In the United States, Medtronic Employee Resource Groups include its African Descent Network

"Leadership opportunities with the African Descent Network have enabled me to develop new relationships, advance my professional skills and give back to the community in a meaningful way," adds Layci.

Ensuring voices of the community are heard

Medtronic Diversity Networks leaders are teams appointed by the company's CEO. They champion programs and policies aimed at supporting women and ethnically diverse employees into leadership roles.

These networks are critical to ensuring the voice of the community is heard.

The groups work closely with senior leaders and HR personnel to create programs that help further the advancement of diverse employees.

Gain valuable support thanks to Medtronic's Employee Resource Groups

Medtronic’s efforts to create a powerfully inclusive and diverse workplace are essential to the company’s purpose.

The team understands the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace: a strong and united Medtronic translates to meaningful innovations that help partners deliver better patient outcomes and contribute to human welfare.

Bring your unique contribution to the company. Search for a job with Medtronic.


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