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Meet Arcadis UK Drone Pilot and Consultant Anabelle Randal

Meet Arcadis UK Drone Pilot and Consultant Anabelle Randal

 March 03, 2021

Anabelle Randal is a Drone Pilot and Environmental Consultant at Arcadis UK.

She's taking the drone industry by storm, helping Arcadis use drones for topographic surveys to help build up conceptual site models.

With Anabelle's expertise, Arcadis can show a to-scale topographic model to clients wanting to purchase land. There is also a marketing aspect too: Anabelle is able to give Arcadis clients something to remember the process by. Drones also help Arcadis do various infrastructure inspections in hard-to-reach places such as dams and bridges.

In an interview with Coptrz, which helps organisations revolutionise their business through the use of Drones, Anabelle explains the role of Drone technology at Arcadis and how she became a pilot.

“At Arcadis, we focus on design and built assets. I work within the environmental team; my job title is an environmental consultant. We carry out ground investigations for a number of reasons, including environmental permits and planning authority requirements. To do this we drill boreholes into the ground and extract soil and rock for environmental and geotechnical testing. We also carry out groundwater monitoring and testing," Anabelle explains.

“I am quite new to the company; I came straight out of university so it’s a really exciting industry to get into. I’m still graduate level so being put in the drone industry has been insane.”

"When it comes to using drones for surveying and inspections, there’s never been a better or easier time to get yourself Drones. Drones are revolutionising the way in which surveyors gather data. They make day-to-day operations faster, safer, and more cost-effective. In fact, we’re seeing more and more case studies showcasing vastly increased efficiency from using a drone solution over traditional methods."

She also gives advice for those interested in using Drone technology:  “For the training part of it, the two things I would say is: ensure you have the time to commit to learning the theory, it doesn’t take that long to be fair! I would also suggest starting the operations manual early, as that is a very long process. Finally: if you want it – go for it! It’s another string to your bow, I have a degree for the job I want to do, but I am trained to fly a drone which is something I will always have.”

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