Meet Germany-based Bazaarvoice Chief of Staff Carlota Berruezo

Meet Germany-based Bazaarvoice Chief of Staff Carlota Berruezo

 March 03, 2021

Carlota Berruezo is Chief of Staff at Bazaarvoice. She is also a member of the company's EMEA Revenue Team based in Munich, Germany.

Carlota shares her biggest life and career achievements, the most important lessons she's learnt throughout her career, and the inspirational women she admires.

Plus catch this great podcast with Carlota as she discusses the transferable skills between team sports and business.

Who are some inspirational women that you look up to?

Gosh, so many! Here are my top three. My friend Caroline, who kicked cancer in the butt and never for a second thought defeat was an option. My friend Elly, who gave up her career, her job and her life to devote herself to the care of her little boy Mikaere, who was born with Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH). She shows every day that her strength is bigger than any superheroe’s. And my mum, who raised 3 daughters while still working full-time and becoming the first female head doctor on her speciality, managing her department of over 130 doctors and physiotherapist across 10 hospitals in the county.

They all chose to challenge stereotypes and tackle hard life situations. All of their accomplishments are prime examples of a women’s strengths and accomplishments.

What is your biggest life/career achievement?

Having my two kids feels like a life achievement worth mentioning as part of the (wo)mankind evolution! Also, when I became Director of Global Strategic Services, I was the first senior leader at Bazaarvoice to hold a role with global responsibilities based outside of North America. But I believe my biggest life and career achievement is still to come, otherwise what is left to look forward to? I am the first person to challenge myself, and with challenge comes growth, and with growth comes achievements along the way.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

To focus on developing and using my strengths, treat people with respect, and connect with others. In business, knowledge, experience, and performance are just as important as positive relationships. You can then challenge situations by asking questions, rather than calling out behavior.

Outside of work, what are your passions?


I love skiing, cycling and the mountains. Since my two little boys were born, I’ve put on hold the days of planning adventures, such as going on cycling holidays or climbing the highest peaks in Africa. Instead, I’ve embarked on the adventure of parenthood, learning – and trying not to fail-–how to raise my boys with a gender equal and unbiased mindsets…amongst endless hours of fun family time in the park, learning to bike ride, and playing Baby Shark on repeat!  

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