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HCL Senior VP explains how a culture of equality unites people

 March 04, 2021

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HCL's unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity unleashes innovation and creates a culture where everyone has an equal opportunity.

Hear from Andy Packham, Senior Vice President of HCL Microsoft Business Unit, as he discusses how HCL is creating a culture of equality in the workplace.

Focusing on what unites people

For Andy, a culture of equality means focusing on common ground - on what unites people rather what divides.

What's more, this culture is good business sense, and leads to a better performing team and company.

"I've always seen that diverse teams teams built up of people that come from different backgrounds, different ideologies have been educated differently and always outperform teams consisting of people that are similar," explains Andy "I think this is because they bring new ideas, they look at problems in new ways and are able to address challenges."

From a personal perspective, Andy enjoys the learning that comes from being exposed to different perspectives and new ideas, particularly when it dramatically shifts his perspective of the world.

How to build a diverse culture

Finally, Andy shares how HCL is building this diverse culture. Firstly, through building emotional intelligence and the right support structures, and secondly offering mentoring programs like HCL's ASCEND women in leadership program. Thirdly, organizations need to learn to deal with conflict in a safe and supportive environment.

"Diversity and inclusivity is not just a company issue. It's not just for HCL, but it's for us to help improve society and humankind, not just now but for for generations to come," Andy adds.

Cultivate an innovative career at HCL

At HCL, innovation is not just another word, it’s part of the company's organizational heritage and DNA. The culture at HCL Technologies called ideapreneurship makes the license to ideate a distinctive organizational capability. 

Forge a career marked by innovation at HCL.


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