Kate Musgrove works with leading brands as Bazaarvoice APAC MD

Kate Musgrove works with leading brands as Bazaarvoice APAC MD

 March 04, 2021

Kate Musgrove has an exciting role as Managing Director for APAC at technology company Bazaarvoice.

Kate joined Bazaarvoice as a Client Success Director over a decade ago in the London office. Since then she has progressed up through a number of roles in the company and with Bazaarvoice’s support moved back to her native Australia to run the APAC team as Managing Director for the region.

“I love being a part of a business that not only gets the opportunity to partner with world-leading brands and retailers, but to also support them in driving real business changes based on feedback from their own customers,” explains Kate.

Kate shares with Where Women Work her insights on workplace equality, what International Women’s Day means to her, and advice for further women seeking to achieve leadership success.  

Celebrating progress and advocating for change


For Kate, International Women’s Day is a time for recognising how far women have come to date. It is also a day to reflect on the change required to ensure equality across the board.

“We must continue to advocate for basic civil rights and protection for all women,” says Kate.

Kate believes a progressive corporate culture is vital to empower women. “Companies always need to make a commitment to inclusion, and nurture a culture from the top down to ensure everyone feels empowered to make an impact and progress their career.”

Women who inspire Kate

Kate is humbled daily by the many incredible women she works alongside in the tech space at Bazaarvoice.

Kate is a keen advocate for increasing representation in senior leadership roles and suggests that this focus across business be a focus as “something we need to own trying to change 365 of the year, not just for International Women’s Day.”

“At Bazaarvoice, we are always pleased to see so many inspiring women leaders who comprise our clients.”

For example, Kate describes Naomi Simpson, CEO and co-Founder of BIG RED GROUP, as a “wonderful role model for women aspiring to lead in business.”

Another inspirational leader for Kate is Sheryl Sandberg, whom she admires both for her pioneering work as C-level executive in the technology arena as well as due to the adversity she has had to overcome in her personal life.

Supportive advice for aspiring women leaders

Kates shares a salient piece of advice for further women aiming to reach success as a leader: “Back yourself and don’t be afraid to be bold.”

“Get out of your comfort zone, get in the spotlight and connect with other successful people,” she says.

“Challenge thoughts that you are not worthy of a role or promotion and seek out a mentor you can relate to. A great mentor can help you with both confidence and perspective when doubting yourself.”

Enjoying her downtime with family

Kate Bazaarvoice

A busy working mother of two boys, Kate enjoys finding time to be an adventurer because she is a great outdoors lover and a big fan of week-end family time.

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