Schneider Electrics Rebecca Jackson is fueled by inspiration

Schneider Electric's Rebecca Jackson is fueled by inspiration

 March 09, 2021

Rebecca Jackson, Tendering Director at Schneider Electric, takes the opportunity of International Women’s Day to reflect on the topic of Women in Leadership.

Gaining experience to help her progress

I chose to go straight into full time work as opposed to doing A levels and further education, and after roles within a multinational bank and a global chemical company (where I studied and  gained my degree), I joined Invensys Ltd, who were subsequently acquired by Schneider Electric

My roles within Schneider have all had a ‘service’ element to them, whether they be customer facing or back office. They have spanned different businesses and locations and in each, I’ve gained experience which I’ve taken with me into the next role. I work hard but I love life away from it, so it’s not all toil. I run and cycle, I love to ski in Winter and Paddleboard in Summer and relax with Yoga...oh and an occasional glass or two of decent wine.       

Diverse, fast-paced and challenging role

In my current role as Tendering Director, I manage Technical, Tendering and Commercial teams across the UK and Sub Saharan Africa and no two days are the same. It’s diverse, fast paced and incredibly challenging, which drives my motivation. 

Motivation fueled by inspiration 

Motivation is fueled by inspiration and I’ve worked with both men and women who have shown brilliance in their roles, including their leadership. They are confident, professional and honest and remain true to their beliefs; they build great teams and readily earn respect.  

I’ve shared that inspiration and been privileged to play a part in many people’s careers, coaching and mentoring both men and women who have also gone on to shine. There is nothing better than seeing those people move on to bigger and better things and I am always truly proud to have helped drive their development. If you get the chance, be a mentor and inspire others. 

Difficulties of being a woman in the workplace 

Being a woman in today’s workplace is tough; expectations on both men and women are high right now, yet somehow it feels like females must ‘go the extra mile’ to prove themselves. It feels it’s acceptable to be challenged by male colleagues yet deemed confrontational when we do the same or defend ourselves and often sees women going above and beyond simply to demonstrate we remain on top of our game.

I‘m an avid reader and ‘untamed‘ by Glennon Doyle is a worthy read; billed as part memoir/part self - help, in Glennon's eyes, she is in no way perfect and after years of trying to be who society expects her to be, she finally cuts through the pretence to say ‘Here I am’. I echo that, in leadership, in fact in any role, a key lesson that I’ve learned is that you can’t please everyone, so don’t try...don’t be someone you’re not, be the absolute best version of you!

Join a diverse, fast-paced and challenging workplace 

If you want to energize your career, working at Schneider Electric could be the move you need. A leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has some far-reaching and incredible plans and it needs the right people to achieve them.

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