Schneider Electrics Larisa Oprescu has big aspirations

Schneider Electric's Larisa Oprescu has big aspirations

 March 12, 2021

Larisa Oprescu, Downstream Planning Leader at Schneider Electric, took the opportunity of International Women’s Day to talk on the topic of Women in Leadership.

Driven by female role models

I have started my Schneider Electric journey as MRP Controller for Leeds plant a couple of years ago, when relocating to the UK from my hometown in Bucharest. 

In my previous roles in Bucharest I had the chance to meet multiple female leaders across different industries that showed me that opportunities to progress were possible. They have been my role models as their own career story inspired me to have big aspirations for myself from very early stages. 

Open to changes and opportunities

As I’ve grown professionally in Schneider, I didn’t put any barriers up in terms of what I could achieve, but I put my dedication into learning a lot from every role, appreciating the guidance of the leaders around me and being very open to changes and opportunities that came my way. I think this mentality have always helped me to keep an open mind to all different paths that my career could take. 

Empowering her to be confident and authentic

Now in Leeds, I am in a leadership position within a male-oriented but extremely inclusive environment. As a woman I often have different viewpoints or ideas and I think it’s important to see that these are heard and valued, and that Schneider is empowering me to be confident and authentic on my leadership journey. 

For the future female leaders, I would say to look around your leadership teams and see if you recognise behaviours that you appreciate in a leader and try and find out their story and learn from them. It’s inspiring and it might be easier than you initially think for you to achieve your success!

Forge a successful leadership career at Schneider Electric

As well as its supportive culture, Schneider Electric offers many workplace initiatives to help women develop leadership skills and receive mentoring from senior colleagues.

Aspiring to a leadership position? Consider a career at Schneider Electric.


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