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HCL champions women athletes rising to their aspirations

HCL champions women athletes rising to their aspirations

 March 22, 2021

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Sport is a great driver of gender equality. Not only does it teach women and girls self-reliance, resilience, confidence, and teamwork; it greatly helps to defy gender stereotypes by breaking down entrenched discriminatory attitudes and behaviors.

Levelling the playing field: Partnership with HJK Helsinki

HCL Technologies has proudly partnered with the Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK Helsinki) — the most successful team in Finnish women‘s football. The club has 23 Finnish Championships and 17 Cup titles and is the reigning champions of the National League.

In 2020, HJK Helsinki created a new ground of equality and a sense of community being one of the first, if not the first, the club in the world that sets its stars earned from winning titles by both men and women on the same level.

HCL's partnership with HJK is just another step towards its commitment to supporting more women on their Paths to Big Arenas — both, in boardrooms, and the playing field.

Passion knows no gender: Sponsors of Stockholm’s Team Göta Traneberg

HCL's further partnership with Stockholm’s youth ice hockey team Göta Traneberg aims to support a healthy and vibrant future for the local youth by connecting them with a sport that brings them joy while teaching valuable life skills of team building, responsibility, and leadership.

Ice hockey, a sport in which Sweden has excelled for many years, is attracting a growing number of female players. However, there are relatively few girls and women ice hockey clubs and competitions.

Göta Traneberg, together with Ekerö IK and Hässelby/Källvesta, is creating a team — Team Västerort — to participate in the first girls' junior hockey league in Stockholm. As HCL remains committed to harnessing the power of sports to help children reach their greatest potential and build an equal playing field for all, HCL welcomes you to join them as colleagues, partners, and customers in cheering for the team’s success.

Promoting women and girls in sports

By challenging conventions, HCL is championing the cause of women rising to claim their aspirations.

They are doing this with the intent to even the turf, to stand in the corner of aspiring women who've nurtured their passion and skill, and to put them in the eyes of the world; in big arenas - where they truly belong.

Over the years, HCL's earnest efforts have yielded initiatives and associations that champion the cause of women rising to claim their aspirations. These efforts have been both inward-looking as well as those where HCL has taken up an industry-wide leadership stance to address the problem at the level of the community.

HCL is focused on developing female talent at all levels of management. In 2020, HCL launched the first-ever chapter of Women Lead in the Nordics — an exclusive and formal 1:1 mentorship program for women leaders of tomorrow.

Extending this promise to the arena of competitive sports, HCL has forged local associations across the Nordic region to promote women and girls in sports.

Work for a socially responsible company

HCL believes in developing its ecosystem which includes both environment and community. Engaging with diverse communities enables HCL to collaborate with them to ‘rebalance’ resources for the future.

If you align with this vision and want to make a positive community impact, discover the latest job opportunities at HCL.


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