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AECOM experts discuss scenario planning for the future of work

AECOM experts discuss scenario planning for the future of work

 March 30, 2021

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Scenario planning does not predict the future. Rather, this exercise can provide companies with a platform to imagine and plan for the future of work.

In an insightful article, AECOM workplace experts June Koh and Zoe Humphries consider future implications and discuss how managing uncertainty can be key for planning when it comes to the future of work.

Identifying factors that impact the future workplace

"Modelling for a variety of futures is an important step in understanding the implications of global and regional workplace trends on areas of business such as company culture, real estate portfolios, workplace models and the role of the office," suggests AECOM.

The way we work is changing – rapidly. Companies and organizations have many questions. 

It’s easy to want to jump right in and find solutions to these questions But in doing so, we run the risk of trying to solve for a future we aren’t certain of through the perspective of a past that is already out of date. Instead, modelling for a variety of futures provides a framework to guide decision making.

Scenario planning is a hugely effective tool to jump-start this process as it helps us shift the perception of the present and understand what the future may hold.

Through scenario planning we can begin to identify the factors which will impact the workplace in the future and to provide insights into how work practices could change over the next decade. Companies and organizations can use these insights to inform their strategic planning around the role of the office, company culture, real estate portfolios and workplace models so that they are future-ready.

Read the full article where AECOM addresses four insightful scenarios. 

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