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AECOM program inspires future leaders to pursue STEM

AECOM program inspires future leaders to pursue STEM

 March 31, 2021

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For AECOM, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce means inspiring future leaders to pursue STEM, design, engineering and public service.

Aligning with this vision, AECOM's team engages the young minds of South Central Phoenix to create possibilities for the next generation.

AECOM leads an eight-week internship program in the underserved community of South Central Phoenix, designed to educate and and introduce local high school students to careers in engineering and transportation.

The program offers an immersive real-world experience, including planning and design. Students also access networking opportunities to meet professionals in the industry, AECOM college interns, and local community leaders.

In an article about the South Central Light-Rail Expansion Internship Program, AECOM states that "Students must be exposed to transit and engineering early enough to ensure the long-term viability of our industry. These programs don't just benefit the students by developing skills they can apply as adults; instead, the projects help us also gain insight into the future generations who will live and grow with their projects."

Read the full article by AECOM's Senior Transit /Rail Division Manager, Lori Labrum and her colleague Michael Schwartz, an AECOM Transport Planner.

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