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HCL Red Ladder Award celebrates high performing women in tech

HCL Red Ladder Award celebrates high performing women in tech

 April 06, 2021

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HCL Technologies Red Ladder Award recognizes women leaders who contribute to new product development in emerging technologies.

The award celebrates the achievements of Urszula Tasto and Megan Worsham, both high-performing women in technology.

Bringing high quality innovations to market

Urszula is a Manager of Instrumentation Systems Engineering Group and Megan Worsham is a Manager of Quality Assurance Engineering Group.

Both women work at Teradyne, a HCL partner who aligns with the company's aim to bring high-quality innovations to market, faster and to build a culture that respects diversity and inclusion in their respective organizations.

Encourages women to aim higher in careers

The awards form part of HCL's Red Ladder initiative which encourages women in the workplace - be it within HCL or at the company's client organizations like Teradyne - to aim higher and reach further in their careers.

Through a range of activities, the gender inclusion program identifies high performing women and supports them in taking next steps towards effective leadership roles.

Build your career with HCL Technologies

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions to fulfill their potential and achieve career success.

Research the many exciting job opportunities with HCL and join their networks of talented women throughout the company.


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