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AECOM digital expert Veronica Siranosian does podcast interview

AECOM digital expert Veronica Siranosian does podcast interview

 April 06, 2021

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Digital expert Veronica Siranosian is a Vice President at AECO‪M‬

She helps to deliver mobility and smart city strategies and projects that integrate technology and innovation, leading digital and innovation initiatives for infrastructure planning.

Sharing experiences on podcast

Veronica was interviewed by Bruin One Ear podcast that focuses on the achievements of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Alumni and their experiences on campus.

In the podcast, Veronica discusses topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to the gender tax in transportation and serving on the board of transportation technology accelerator Urban Movement Labs. She also reminisces about being raised by a Bruin parent and concludes with reflecting upon her time at UCLA.

Connecting people to opportunities 

With a background in public and private sector transportation and land use planning, Veronica works with public agencies and private clients to understand, proactively plan for, and realize the future of mobility, including connected and automated vehicle technologies, shared mobility, hyperloop, and vehicle electrification and their impacts on city mobility and development.

Her passion is to leverage transportation technologies to better connect people to opportunities and create more equitable places. 

Listen to Veronica discussing her career at AECOM.

Enjoy an innovative career at AECOM

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By harnessing the power of digital technology and innovation, and connecting technical experts and visionaries around the world, AECOM supports its innovative thinkers to deliver tailored solutions and transformative outcomes for its clients and the communities it serves.

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