Suntory Sustainability leader, Yuko Koshiishi, is celebrated

Suntory Sustainability leader, Yuko Koshiishi, is celebrated

 April 22, 2021

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Sustainability forms a considerable focus for Beam Suntory - and its parent company Suntory sees impressive women working within this arena.

Suntory's Yuko Koshiishi, Senior General Manager in Corporate Sustainability, is featured for her leadership in business’s strategy to advance sustainability and address the climate emergency by GreenBiz Group as one of their "25 Badass Women Shaping Climate Action."

The list cites further impressive women leading the climate agenda like New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern; Kara Hurst, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon; Ellen MacArthur, Founder & Chair of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and Katrina Shum, the Sustainability Officer for North America's Lush Cosmetics.

SUNTORY sustainability

Leading Suntory's sustainability strategy

Yuko has worked on multiple communication and business development assignments including Suntory's sustainability strategy.

The hallmarks of Suntory’s climate action plan include a high-level commitment to eliminate "petrol-based materials" from its PET bottles by 2030, a pledge it is supporting with a mechanical recycling process called Flake-to-Preform; it’s also developing chemical recycling approaches.

To address and decrease its heavy dependence on water, Suntory created a concept back in 2003 called Natural Water Sanctuary, which it uses to protect the watersheds near its production facilities in places such as Japan, India, Mexico, the United States and Spain. The goal: to cultivate more water — and habitat in those watersheds — than it uses in its plants by 2050. "Water is a very localized issue, which means we need a tailored approach for each site," says Yuko.

Suntory also has embedded sustainability considerations into its procurement policies. All new suppliers are screened on criteria including environmental considerations such as emissions, as well as broader factors such as ethics, security and human rights. 

"We have maintained the momentum behind our sustainability strategy during the pandemic," she adds. "This includes working closely with our supply chain to make sure that we are promoting sustainability in the sourcing of raw materials, transportation and production processes."

Enjoy impressive career success

Women at Beam Suntory, one of the Suntory Group companies, are celebrated leaders in their fields and use their experience to make a positive difference - to fellow employees, the company, local communities, and the planet.

If you want to make a difference in your career, find your ideal job with Beam Suntory.


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