Employees receive the Medtronic Medallion that brings the company's people together behind its common purpose

Medtronic Medallion moments: Reba Smith & Chavron Steele Hall

Medtronic Medallion moments: Reba Smith & Chavron Steele Hall

 April 29, 2021

As a symbolic way of bringing employees together behind the company's common purpose, Medtronic employee receive a medallion as a reminder of the honor and responsibility they have in fulfilling the Medtronic Mission.

Reba Smith, an Oregon-based Therapy Representative, and Chavon Steele Hall, Senior Clinical Research Monitor, have both been awarded a medallion.

A proud moment for Medtronic employees

"I'm so proud to receive my Medtronic Medallion. Medtronic supports the growth and development needed to be successful within the organization," says Reba. "Professionally, I am committed to upholding the standards to which I have grown my skills, my customer service, and in developing my relationships with movement-disorder organizations while being rewarded by helping patients."

Reba is experienced in providing procedural support with a history of working in the medical device industry. She is skilled in Deep Brain Stimulation, Surgical Navigation Solutions, Spine, GYN, Cranial, Operating Room Sales,Neurosurgery, and Surgical Device Sales. She has held many roles at Medtronic, including a Deep Brain Stimulation Clinical Specialist where she helped improve the lives of people suffering from Parkinson's, Essential Tremor, and Epilepsy. She was also a Surgical Technologies Clinical Specialist where she worked on Stealth and Navigation for Spine, ENT, and brain surgeries. Prior to Medtronic, Reba worked as a Clinical Specialist for Hologic, Inc.; as a Senior Clinical Specialist at St. Jude Medical, Minnesota, where she used Neuromodulation, also known as a "pacemaker for pain", to help patients suffering from chronic pain; and as a Surgical Technologist at Southwest Washington Medical Center.

Bringing our best to work every day

Medtronic Mission

"I have been a proud Medtronic employee for eight years, and I was extremely excited to receive my Medtronic Medallion," says Chavon, a further Medtronic Medallion recipient. Chavron works as a Senior (Lead) Clinical Research Monitor at Medtronic.

"It is a special and proud moment for every employee, and it reminds us of our Mission: alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. My Medallion is a visual reminder of the reasons I bring my best to work every day."

United under a common purpose at Medtronic

The tenets of the Medtronic Mission include alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life of patients around the world; recognizing the personal worth of all employees; and maintaining good citizenship.

Inspired by the tenets of the Medtronic Mission? Find your ideal job with the company.


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