From teacher to McDonalds restaurant Owner / Operator

From teacher to McDonald's restaurant Owner / Operator

 May 06, 2021

Jami Kasprzyk [pictured above] is a former teacher turned Owner/Operator of nine McDonald's restaurants. For Teacher Appreciation Week, she gave away free drinks and bakery treats to local educators.

McDonald's joined companies around the United States in offering teachers special discounts and freebies to thank them for their hard work and the contributions they make to education and society. 

Understanding the importance of appreciating teachers

Teachers McDonalds

Jami understands how important it is to appreciate teachers, and she takes lessons learned from the classroom with her to work every day at McDonald’s.

Enabling students to have access to laptop computers


Her love for giving back to educators extends beyond this week, as Jami also donated to local schools to enable all students to have access to laptop computers.

To all educators, both past and present, McDonald's joined Jami in saying, "Thank you!"

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