What types of jobs can you apply for at Bazaarvoice?

What types of jobs can you apply for at Bazaarvoice?

 May 13, 2021

Bazaarvoice is an amazing place to work. Within your career you'll feel trusted and empowered to own your work, plus you get to partner with incredible people throughout the business.

Bazaarvoice is a clear market leader in what they do and have a global reach, but they're still at a size where you can feel you're making a significant impact as you enjoy the company's inclusive culture.

What does Bazaarvoice actually do as a company?

Brands and retailers often tend to struggle to make real connections with consumers. It's a challenge to deliver trustworthy and inspiring content in the moments that matter most during the discovery and purchase cycle. The result? Time and money spent on content that doesn't attract new consumers, convert them, or earn their long-term loyalty. Bazaarvoice aims to close the gap between brands and consumers. 

At Bazaarvoice, they create smart shopping experiences. Through their expansive global network, product-passionate community and enterprise technology, Bazaarvoice connects thousands of brands and retailers with billions of consumers. Their solutions enable brands to connect with consumers and collect valuable user-generated content at an unprecedented scale. This content achieves global reach by leveraging Bazaarvoice's extensive and ever-expanding retail, social and search syndication network. Plus they make it really easy for brands and retailers to gain valuable business insights from real-time consumer feedback with intuitive tools and dashboards. The result is smarter shopping: loyal customers, increased sales, and improved products.

In a nutshell, Bazaarvoice provides solutions for helping to boost sales, accelerate conversion, increase profit margin, win at retail, launch products, acquire customers, expand globally, gain a competitive advantage, elevate marketing, improve products, reduce returns, drive advocacy, establish trust, talk with consumers, empower brand participation and more.

Bazaarvoice makes a significant impact on the market. They're shaping the way people shop, putting the shopper experience at the heart of everything they do. They partner with the world's largest brands and they state that their network’s impact is comparable to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. If you shop or research online, it’s very likely that you’ve already interacted with Bazaarvoice. With market leading technology, shopper data that spans over a million shoppers and a billion shopper interactions a month, the future is limitless.

And Bazaarvoice is very committed to its client success. There are over 6,200 brand and retail websites in the Bazaarvoice network. Its clients represent some of the world’s leading companies across a wide range of industries including retail, apparel, automotive, consumer electronics and travel. They're leaders in consumer-generated content: Each month, more than one billion consumers view and share authentic consumer-generated content, such as ratings and reviews, curated photos, social posts and videos, about products in its network. Thousands upon thousands of reviews are added to the Bazaarvoice network everyday. Its network delivers: Network analytics provide insights that help marketers and advertisers provide more engaging experiences that drive brand awareness, consideration, sales, and loyalty.

Founded in 2005, Bazaarvoice is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

What areas can you work in at Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice offers exciting jobs across a whole range of areas, so they're looking for people with both specific and broad skills and experience in these areas: 

  • Client Services
  • Client Success
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT 
  • Influenster
  • Marketing
  • Moderation/Authenticity
  • People and Talent
  • Product Management
  • Sales

Check out all their latest job vacancies right now.

So why join Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice jobs & careers for women to apply

Bazaarvoice prides themselves on their progressive culture. They're a company that values passion, innovation, authenticity, generosity, respect, teamwork, and performance.

Once you learn about their products it becomes very easy to understand how it impacts clients and just how widespread usage is on a personal level and among people you know. Internally at Bazaarvoice, this understanding and enthusiasm for what the company does helps drive your work because it's important to have a career where you believe in what you do. 

Plus, there's lots of professional learning, growth and impact. You can grow your career, your skills and professional experiences by working across a breadth of business initiatives, different global regions and innovative solutions. You have the opportunity to see tangible results from your direct contributions and build your own brand at Bazaarvoice. With new products and markets on the horizon, there has never been a more exciting time to be at Bazaarvoice.

The company continuously supports and helps its people to grow. The majority of the company's managers are promoted into their role and so they see first-hand the benefit of growth and pass that onto their own teams. You get to work with and help recruit bright, experienced, passionate and humble colleagues who bring diverse perspectives on a daily basis. The company has a very open -minded, respectful and transparent work culture. The pedigree of the people at the company helps everyone raise their game - you want to impress, you strive to give the best service and your efforts are always well received. It doesn't feel hierarchical and you’ll find people mixing from all different teams and regions from the company's offices across the world.

You'll be part of a vibrant culture where they celebrate, collaborate and come together generously to elevate one another and their community. They promote open dialogue at all levels and are generous with their time and ideas. For example, Bazaarvoice delivers generous work in the community. They hold mid and end-of-year regional get togethers. They regularly investment in the best facilities and social calendars to keep their people networking together.

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