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Discover a WSP career in power systems. Meet Anna Ferguson.

Discover a WSP career in power systems. Meet Anna Ferguson.

 May 25, 2021

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The transition to a decarbonised, decentralised, digitalised energy system is posing unprecedented challenges to electricity system operators.

And this is just one area in which WSP employees are working to solve today’s energy challenges by combining their deep technical knowledge of electricity networks and generation with technical modelling capability and strategic thinking.

WSP supports clients through power systems modelling that harnesses complex analytical skills to optimise systems; through expert advice on the electricity system; and through comprehensive consulting to create effective energy strategies.

WSP is able to do this because of its team’s specialist, yet diverse, range of skills. Employees combine deep knowledge in electrical engineering and technical modelling with economic and strategic expertise. 

Do you want to do purposeful, sustainable work that helps shape communities and the future?

Meet one of WSP's women directors working in their power systems team 


Meet Anna Ferguson, Director of Power Systems for WSP in the UK. She has impressive expertise in the complex area of technical losses, which occur as energy is lost as heat from electricity networks when power flows through equipment. It’s an increasing concern as more low-carbon generation comes online.

"The electricity networks are changing rapidly because of the increase of renewable generation, electric vehicles, local energy and the electrification of heat. This is creating some exciting challenges," says Anna. "In electricity transmission, losses are complex, difficult to measure, and will increase as more low-carbon technology is connected to the networks."

Read Anna's thought-leadership on the topic of these transmission losses as she examines options for a regulatory incentive mechanism for losses. 

Plus, listen to her great insights into the grid in the UK and how it is going renewable. Anna discusses some really interesting projects and tips for growing your career quickly.

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