Northrop Grumman Cyber Engineer enjoys problem solving

Northrop Grumman Cyber Engineer enjoys problem solving

 May 26, 2021

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The cyber team at Northrop Grumman develops systems and solutions that are revamping the entire cyberspace continuum of defense, exploit, and attack.

Employees use their expertise in operational, technical, and security engineering to make a difference by protecting and defending global security.

Priyanka is a Cyber Engineer at Northrop Grumman. She shares her defining moments at Northrop Grumman as a cyber professional.

"What I find super interesting about cyber security is trying to solve a problem that the whole world is trying to solve. Just in my space at Northrop Grumman I can experience many different kinds of roles in cyber security within Northrop Grumman. I guess that level of diversity really interested me," explains Priyanka.

"One really defining moment in my cyber security career was just leaving our customers speechless at one of our demos. It was really crazy to see them just super impressed with the technology that we worked so hard on."

Solve global problems in cyber security at Northrop Grumman

Every moment at Northrop Grumman is an opportunity to make a difference while seeing your contributions become a reality. All employees, in every role and position, have a voice here, working together to develop groundbreaking solutions.

There are thousands of career paths, projects and experts at Northrop Grumman to allow you to grow your network – the possibilities are limitless.

Explore cyber careers with Northrop Grumman.


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