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Avanade women working in Big Data

 September 07, 2016

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Violetta is a huge advocate of more women working in the digital and technology sectors. She believes it's the foundation of all business moving forward. Violetta joined Avanade as a digital strategist and says that her career is thriving because within a year of joining Avanade she was appointed Digital Business lead, focusing on Avanade's digital strategy and consulting services.

Avanade recognises and develops female talent

“I love working close to the pulse of a company through operations and technology. I'm working on some fascinating Big Data projects where insight unlocks business potential. I work with clients across multiple sectors, redefining the value chain as a result of exciting developments in digital innovation," says Violetta whose role it is to help build a digital strategy and consulting practice which supports clients through transformation. This is one of Avanade's strategic pillars in our 2020 Vision,” Violetta explains.

Drawn to STEM subjects

Violetta is a STEM graduate and studied mathematics and physics at University. She then combined this study with a Masters in business management and econometrics. When asked about whether she'd been encouraged to study STEM subjects by anyone in her school years, Violetta explains that mathematics and physics were actually her worst subjects at school but that she was motivated by the challenge of having to really apply herself to succeed in these subject areas. Violetta is an impressive individual who is curious about how things work and keen to push herself forward. She's also a Chartered Management Accountant and speaks a number of languages such as English, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese.

Avanade’s 15 for 15 STEM scholarship programme

Violetta has an established reputation as an inspiring public speaker and was selected to participate in Avanade's 15 for 15 STEM round table at the Tech Summit in Seattle. Violetta provided valuable insights regarding a career in technology and facilitated discussion to support and mentor young women grow their careers. The 15 for 15 STEM scholarship programme was set up to celebrate Avanade’s 15th year in business. The programme aims to help close the gender, technology and income gaps for women and to up-skill women in the communities where Avanade operates. 15 scholarships have been awarded to 15 female students in North America, Europe and Africa studying STEM subjects.

Avanade’s CEO, Adam Warby, is a strong supporter of increasing the number of women studying STEM subjects and pursuing technology careers. Undertaking education in the STEM field can help kick-start women's future careers. “Empowering, giving access and up-skilling individuals can help them realize their potential,“ says Adam.

Work life balance at Avanade

One of Violetta’s passions is international travel and meeting people from different backgrounds. Through Avanade, Violetta combines a challenging career with travel to explore new countries and cultures. While at the Tech Summit in Seattle, Violetta took the opportunity to climb some mountain peaks between sessions. She's an impressive and ambitious professional who is clearly driven to embrace challenges, both at work and outdoors. If you want to work alongside talented women like Violetta, take a look at a wide range of job opportunities open in digital and tech at Avanade.

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