Schneider Electric is using AI technology to drive recruitment

Schneider Electric is using AI technology to drive recruitment

 June 10, 2021

Jean Pelletier is Vice President of Digital Talent Transformation at Schneider Electric. She spoke to Mobility Magazine about how Schneider Electric uses AI to drive internal and external talent recruitment. 

Making talent mobility more efficient and effective using AI

Schneider Electric has always looked for ways to make talent mobility more efficient and effective. After conducting a poll with past employees, Schneider Electric discovered a problem in its talent recruitment and retention process.

"We had been using antiquated tools to manage retention and promote career development," explains Jean. "We had an applicatino tracking system for open jobs, and mentoring was completely ad hoc."

Jean and her team found the solution to the problem in AI, which also helped with Schneider Electric's diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives. "We can't help but be human; we have unconscious bias," says Jean. "But AI looks at hard facts. It looks at skills. It makes things agnostic."

Schneider Electric's AI system reviews an employee profile and matches them with open positions, short-term projects, or a mentor. The system also learns the user's preferences, such as an interest in living and working in a particular region.

Creating a new recruitment system inspired by the gig economy

This AI system has enabled Schneider Electric to adapt to post-pandemic new ways of working by creating a gig economy within the business, which Jean describes as "a complete rewrite of HR."

She explains how it works: "I open up a project and promote it. I write up what your experience will be and the skills I need, and I post it. If your profile matches, it comes up on your feed. You're only with me for a little bit, versus an internal position, where you're literally interviewing for the job."

This enables flexibility, as well as the opportunity for employees to learn new skills and try new experiences.

"Are we perfect?" asks Jean. "No. But instead of waiting for these tools to be perfect, we're finding partners to help build them with us."

Work alongside talented women like Jean at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric employees like Jean are working with pioneering and distruptive technology to change the way the world works for the better.

Be part of this change. Find exciting jobs at Schneider Electric.


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