Medtronic interns attest to great level of career support received

Medtronic interns attest to great level of career support received

 June 16, 2021

As Medtronic supports its interns in their career journey with the company and returning interns are joining as full-time employees, a former Medtronic intern and current engineer shares her words of wisdom.

"My experiences with Medtronic showed me that this company puts actions behind its words to achieve good in the world," explains Angela Houghtaling [pictured above].

"I saw firsthand that coworkers care about finding and developing each other's passions; my team exemplified this, which allowed me to start forging my own path even as an intern."

From internships to full-time jobs

Medtronic intern

"Congratulations Class of 2021! We are thrilled that 77% of you who were Summer 2020 Interns and now graduating are returning to Medtronic in full time roles. We wish you all the best!" tweeted Medtronic.

Starting a supported career with Medtronic

Medtronic internship

Ivette Marte [pictured above] attests to Medtronic's support for establishing an early career with the company. 

Ask lots of questions

Medtronic intern

Erin Blomme Marte [pictured above] is pleased she could align her interests with a suitable career path at Medtronic.

Meet a Medtronic supply management intern

Medtronic intern

Being valued as a key member of the company is key, suggest Kate who enjoys being challanged and finding solutions.

Building a career of exploration and innovation

Interns can begin their life-long career of exploration, innovation, and championing healthcare access and equity for all with a healthcare technology company that alleviates pain, restores health, and extends life for more than two people every second.

At Medtronic, interns can:

  • BUILD a better world while amplifying their impact on the causes that matter to them
  • GROW a career reflective of their intellect, passion, and abilities
  • CONNECT to a dynamic and inclusive culture of life-long learning

Start your career at Medtronic as an intern

Work with Medtronic to help change healthcare worldwide. Push the limits of what technology, therapies and services can do to help alleviate pain, restore health and extend life. Challenge yourself to make tomorrow better than yesterday.

This is what makes Medtronic an exciting and rewarding place to be. The company wants to accelerate and advance their ability to create meaningful innovations - but they will only succeed with the right people on their team.

Work with Medtronic to address universal healthcare needs and improve patients’ lives. Help them shape the future.


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