Schneider Electrics Nazli Güleryüz works as an Industrial Engineer

Schneider Electric's Nazli Güleryüz works as an Industrial Engineer

 June 23, 2021

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, Where Women Work caught up with Schneider Electric Industrial Engineer, Nazli Güleryüz, to hear her story and find out about her chosen career path.

What's your role and reasons for joining Schneider Electric

I work as an Industrial Engineer in the Scarborough plant. As Industrial Engineers, our main job is supporting the production & front-end teams. Helping them to produce more efficient, more qualified, and more robust processes. By creating and implementing the new digital solutions to make ready our plants for the future. Schneider Electric is a global leader in the energy business, which always follows up the future developments closely and innovates leader solutions always. Working in a company like that provides you lots of opportunities and satisfaction in your career path. 

When and why did you decide to become an engineer? 

In high school, I was very interested and successful in Maths & Science. This influenced my decision to pursue Engineering, plus it is related to my soft skills as well. 

What excites you about Engineering? 

Engineering provides me the opportunity to create solutions that are beneficial to people and quickly you can take the results of your projects. 

“When you feel you are supported and believed in, you believe in yourself more.”

What has been your most rewarding experience as an Engineer? 

Personally, I find it rewarding when I can physically see my own improvements and delighted employees that are using the projects. I can experience in work life what I’ve learnt theoretically. I keep on learning through every new project that I lead or participate in. It provides me the opportunity to constantly grow by challenging myself. 

How has Schneider Electric supported you and your career? 

During my career path, I love to always do different projects and new tasks where I can challenge myself. In Schneider Electric, I found lots of opportunities to achieve that. I always wanted to work abroad to learn more and change my opinion of view. With mobility opportunities in Schneider, I’ve transferred from the ADH-Turkey Plant to Scarborough-UK Plant which was my biggest goal. I’ve led global projects and worked with great teams which provide me new competencies. I think the most valuable thing in your career path, even if you are working for a plant specifically, is that you feel that you are a part of a global organization. And that’s how I feel at Schneider Electric. I love to always do different projects and new tasks where I can challenge myself. 

What advice do you have for females interested in becoming an Engineer? 

Don’t listen to people’s prejudices. Engineering has nothing to do with gender. It’s a long and sometimes frustrating path. However, if you keep believing and improving yourself, it is quite exciting.   

As an Engineer, what's the best advice you have been given, and by whom? 

Aydin Kandemir, my first manager and mentor at Schneider Electric. I was always supported and encouraged by him for the jobs I was capable of. Not just technical matters, his mentorship helps me to set a better vision for my career path.

To be truthful, when you feel you are supported and believed in, you believe in yourself more.

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