Capgemini expands partnership with Code Your Future charity

Capgemini expands partnership with Code Your Future charity

 June 23, 2021

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Capgemini UK and UK charity CodeYourFuture (CYF) have expanded its partnership to bring further technology training and employment to minority groups across UK.

The relationship will help train refugees and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to become software developers and gain employment in the technology industry.

Offering end-to-end corporate support 

As the only programme of its kind, offering end-to-end corporate support with the aim of employment, it has grown and evolved rapidly since its launch in 2018.

The partnership has also expanded to new regions with classes being offered in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The new partnership will help support at least 300 individuals over the next three years to develop digital skills, as well as the soft skills required to succeed at work. 

Prioritizing digital inclusion for sustainable growth

According to the UNHCR 2019 Global report, there are more than 130,000 refugees living in the UK. Many lack any access to formal training and don’t possess the basic digital skills or qualifications needed to secure employment. Even with the necessary qualifications, finding employment is incredibly difficult. Over 50% of refugees who do have formal qualifications remain unemployed for several years after entering the country. CYF and Capgemini want to change this and create opportunities for inclusive growth within the digital sector.

Capgemini and CYF’s partnership began three years ago, when Capgemini became the first corporate partner to provide end-to-end sponsorship of CYF’s 6-month training programme in London. Reflecting its view that digital inclusion is one of the key pillars for achieving sustainable growth, the partnership has evolved with Capgemini opening access to its offices and networks, establishing homework clubs, hosting immersion workdays, and offering opportunities for the students to build a project portfolio through participation in hackathons.

Another key advancement of the programme was understanding that the students need to develop not only coding skills, but also the soft skills and confidence integral to employment, such as how to present and work as part of a team.

Offering training to inspire women 

As part of the new contract, the syllabus has also been expanded beyond the core of web development to meet in-demand tech skills. This new learning will involve sector-specific skill sets, offering the students a flavour of roles in areas such as software engineering and DevOps. Capgemini and CYF will continue to evolve the training offered to inspire women and participants from the most vulnerable communities to take up a career in technology.


“As a business, we’re committed to creating a sustainable and inclusive future. Our Coding Academies are a core part of our approach towards digital inclusion, which aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that tech provides equal opportunity for everyone," says Sally Caughey, Head of Digital Inclusion at Capgemini UK.

"Our programme is all the more important now with the rapid digitisation of public services and work throughout the pandemic. From our point of view, this partnership helps address the growing skills gap in our sector, which will have implications for society and our economy, and we know that bringing people together from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences fuels innovation and better results for our organisation and clients," she adds.

Doubling commitment to support further students 

Capgemini - Code your Future

Since its launch in 2018, 91 students have benefited from the partnership with 65% continuing into education or employment, including 27 students who now have permanent placements within Capgemini. The new three-year partnership will see a doubling of the commitment to support 100 students in 2021 across London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

“Our ambition with CYF was to increase opportunities for minority groups within the technology sector by breaking down the barriers that they face when it comes to employment. This continued partnership with Capgemini has given us a real opportunity to help more disadvantaged people receive the support they need to build their careers within the digital space and help those with interrupted lives, unfinished studies and integration challenges reach their potential," explains Germán Bencci, Founder of CYF.

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As a global leader in digital, Capgemini’s ambition is to help make the digital revolution an opportunity for all and to provide a bridge between technology and society.

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