Capgemini Women in Analytics & AI network hosts successful event

Capgemini Women in Analytics & AI network hosts successful event

 June 29, 2021

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Capgemini's Women* in Analytics and AI network hosted an engaging 'Women in Data' panel event that saw widespread participation and generated some very insightful discussion.

Great support for women working in AI and data

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Capgemini's Women* in Analytics & AI network supports the company's people identifying as women, non-binary or allies. The network's core team has nine members from Capgemini Invent’s Analytics & AI team - from Director to Associate grades. The network understands that bringing together Women* is important for guiding and helping them through the challenges faced in the data industry. To address this focus, Capgemini's team divides its efforts around six main work streams:

  • Mentoring
  • Performance & Recruitment
  • Community & Celebration
  • Development
  • Events & Community
  • Empowerment

The Women in Data event saw three powerful women leaders in Data & Analytics as panellists: Capgemini Invent’s very own Valérie Perhirin (Global Head of Analytics & AI) along with the Chief Operating Officer of a company famous for their global AI marketplace, and the Global Head of Data and Analytics of a global consumers product brand.

The event was highly inspirational with conversations predominantly focusing on:

  • the speakers' roles and why inclusion and diversity are important
  • what's next in the data & AI industry
  • the importance of women leaders in data
  • success factors in leadership

With over one hundred participants in attendance, Capgemini received outstanding feedback and is pleased with the positive impact the discussion had on attendees.

Following the event, participant input and learnings were shared with some of the key points being:

  • find the right balance between personal life and work life because we should never feel guilty for spending time with our family!
  • 3 Cs and 1 L for a successful career in data - Content: know what you are using data for; Communicate: about the power and use of data; Collaboration: know how to orchestrate different teams; Learn, unlearn and relearn!
  • be passionate about your work
  • be who you are, not who you think you're expected to be and don’t hold back; have your own style
  • talk to your male bosses whenever you feel like you need to
  • be mindful of your behaviour as there might be unconscious biases that you're driving unwillingly

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