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WSPs Stephanie Barton is a Future Ready Business Analyst

WSP's Stephanie Barton is a Future Ready Business Analyst

 June 30, 2021

Stephanie Barton is a Future Ready Business Analyst & Intelligent Transport Systems Consultant at WSP.

Stephanie was invited by New London Architecture (NLA), the world’s leading centre for excellence for the built environment, to discuss with a panel of fellow experts the topic of women’s safety in public spaces.

Public spaces in London need to be safe for women, empower them and stop male violence. The Greater London Authority (GLA) is committed to ensure that women and girls are empowered in London’s public spaces and that they are free from sexual harassment. How can built environment professionals support London in achieving this? How can city planners, designers, developers and authorities have integrated gender perspective in urban planning? How can we make sure men do not violently attack women and what’s the role of public spaces in this? 

The NLA Breakfast Talk saw a range of experts discussing key aspects regarding how we can make public spaces safer in London. 

Creating safe public spaces for women in London

Stephanie shared her thoughts on how built environment professionals can support London in creating safe public spaces for women alongside further speakers including:

  • Professor Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy, Humanities, University of Westminster
  • Amy Lame from the Office of the Mayor of London
  • Satu Streatfield, Associate Director, Night-time & Lighting at Publica
  • Leanne Tritton, Director of ING Media

Panelists discussed how city planners, designers, developers and authorities can integrate gender perspective in urban planning, and what is the role of public spaces to prevent violent attacks against women.

"Many thanks to Steph Barton for drawing my attention to her important report on the Gender Data Gap and its impact on design and planning at the excellent NLA London session on 'women's safety in public space'," tweeted fellow panelist Professor Pippa Catterall about Stephanie's thought leadership that considers how a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t always suit all members of society and what we can consider to be more inclusive in our designs and advice.

A keen ambassador for women in STEM


As a Future Ready Business Analyst at WSP, Stephanie [pictured above] works towards the vision of seeing the future more clearly, designing for it today and leading in innovation.

She is future-focused with a passion for applying trends analysis to ensure her trusted advice to clients is fit for the future. She supports the embedment of Future Ready across the UK and globally with the production of resources, development of training and elevation of engagement.

Stephanie is a keen ambassador for women in STEM and is proactively involved in industry-wide mentoring. 

Join industry experts like Stephanie at WSP

At WSP, women like Stephanie develop creative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive.

Equipped with local knowledge, world-class talent and proactive leadership, WSP plans, designs, manages and engineers long lasting and impactful solutions to uniquely complex problems.

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